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Apologies for the lateness of this review summary.

Lunchtime Profit Alerts is a weekly e-mail / mobile text football tips service which is accompanied by a detailed analysis of why the bets are recommended. The service costs £27 for the first YEAR and then renewal subscriptions are £72 per year.

When you join Lunchtime Profit Alerts you receive an e-book of Premiership statistics
for every team which I found to be very useful information. You also receive clear 
explanations of the various soccer bets available and a hard copy newsletter is also 
delivered by post each month.

Example of Recommended Bet Analysis


Before you go to lunch today…

Back Everton (+1.0) to beat Manchester City on the Asian Handicap

Bet One: Premiership, Monday 8.00pm, 1 point – Everton (+1.0) to beat 
Man City on the Asian Handicap at 4/6

This game will be live on Sky Sports 1

Everton have been a tough team to weigh up for form punters. Just when you think they’ve turned the corner they get turned over by West Brom at Goodison, only to turn that form on its head a week later with a very adept performance against the reigning Premiership champions Chelsea.

As we all know, the scoreline isn’t everything in this game. In football the best team doesn’t always win and where Everton have been concerned, this season has been yet more of the same old story.

A slow start to the season, playing well but not getting the results their performances have deserved.

This has happened before of course (last season was an almost carbon copy) but in the end, Everton usually arrive at the season’s end with a respectable tally of points and a respectable position on the Premier League ladder – and I fancy that will be the case again this season.

Given the circumstances at Man City right now, Everton with a +1 handicap looks by far and away the best bet of the weekend. Man City have scored just one goal in their last FOUR home matches and with the Tevez situation still causing problems behind the scenes, it’s hard to envisage Everton getting a real pummelling here.

In fact, Everton getting a road pummelling isn’t something that has happened often this season – the only time that Everton have not managed to generate more scoring chances and more shots (total and on target) than their host, was against Tottenham a few weeks ago.

Other than that Everton have actually outperformed the home team and while I’m not banking on that being the case here, I am certainly not expecting the reverse.

A repeat of Everton’s performance against Chelsea would be enough to make the Toffees really competitive here and with a +1 Asian Handicap, I’ve no hesitation at all about striking this bet

Asian Handicap payouts

We win if Everton win.
We win if the match is a draw.
If Everton are beaten by 1 goal we receive our full stake back.

Bet One: Premiership, Monday 8.00pm, 1 point – Everton (+1.0) to beat
Man City on the Asian Handicap at 4/6


You then receive an e-mail the following week summarising the result and outcome
of the bet:


Premiership, Monday 8.00pm, 1 point – Everton (+1.0) to beat Man City
on the Asian Handicap

Result: Everton 2 Man City 1. Bet won.

In our Friday e-mail I said:

“Everton with a +1 handicap looks by far and away the best bet of the weekend.’’

And they didn’t let us down, beating City 2-1. Incidentally, I also mentioned in that
mail that City had scored just one goal in their last four home matches going into this
and the goal credited to them here was actually an Everton own goal.

Everton were 2-0 up in this game after 19 minutes and on the Asian Handicap, Man City would have needed to score four unanswered goals for us to lose our money.

Regrettably, I cannot recall a single bet that was available at longer than evens which
means a high strike rate is required to make profit. For the 12 week trial this did not
happen with just 15 winning bets from 35 tips resulting in an overall points loss.

Therefore I can only recommend Lunchtime Profit Alerts is placed in the FAILED category.

Success Strike Rate:

42.85%  (15/35)

P/L to date based on recommended SPs: minus 7.85 points

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Sgt Jon