My Lucky 15 – Final Review

21st July 2011

My Lucky 15

Sergeant Rob-Reviews My Lucky 15

smallfailed My Lucky 15 Final Review

Dear all,

After 56 betting days, I have decided to bring an end to the testing of My Lucky 15 and as a result, here is the final review.

What is My Lucky 15?

My Lucky 15 is a betting service provided by Betfan.  The service is selections emailed to your inbox (or available on the Betfan website).  These selections are used in Lucky 15 bets.  A Lucky 15 is a bet type containing 15 individual bets – 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold (accumulator).  If all 4 selections are correct, then a 10% bonus is paid out on your profit by most bookmakers.  If only 1 selection is correct, then a consolation bonus on that 1 winning selection of double odds is given.

The selections are made by a man only known as ‘Martin’ and tell you what you need to bet on and which bookmaker is recommended.  There is no analysis given for the bets, you just receive the basic information you need to put the bet on.

The service is billed at £19.99 a month, or you can pay £39.98 for 90 days, which is effectively like getting 1 month free.

On the My Lucky 15 website, it states that February 2011 produced a profit of +103.45 pts and March 2011, +113.94 pts.  At the time of starting the review (12th May), there was no profit/loss figure for April.

You are recommended to have a 200 pt betting bank, but no advice is given on staking.  For the purpose of keeping calculations simple, I recorded results with 1 pt equalling £1.

Why is the review stopping now?

On the BST website, we initially review services for 56 betting days.  At that point, we see how the service is doing, and if it justifies it, we carry on to 84 days where we give our final thoughts.

With regards to the My Lucky 15 service, after 56 betting days, it was running at a loss of -116.17 pts and was only in profit for 3 of the betting days.  On that basis, I thought it was time to halt the review.

Statistics for the review period

The review period went upto Day 61.  There were 5 days where either no bet was advised, or no selections email received – this gives a net period of the 56 betting days.  The review period covered from 12th May 2011 to 11th July 2011 inclusive.

There were a total of 71 Lucky 15 bets (as sometimes more than one Lucky 15 bet was advised per day).

Out of those 71 bets, 19 returned profit at an average of 17.52 pts whilst 51 returned a loss at an average of -8.63 pts.

6 times we got all 4 selections right, which, with bonuses, profit returned varied from 14.93 pts up to 60.80 pts at an average of 36.99 pts.  Due to 1 match being postponed, there was also a winning patent returning 8.17 pts.

Twice all 4 selections lost which accounted for -15 pts each.

Final profit/loss

At the end of the 56 betting days, the initial 200 pt starting bank was standing at 83.83 pts – a loss of 116.17 pts.

Assuming you add on the best value subscription package of the £39.98 option, at £1 stakes, you would be £156.15 down, at £5 stakes, £620.83 down, at £10 stakes, £1201.68, and if (as mentioned on the My Lucky 15 website), you found a bookmaker that would let you bet £100 stakes, £11656.98 down.

My Final Thoughts

Despite the advertised 100+ pts profit for February and March on the My Lucky 15 website, I haven’t achieved anything like that during this review period.  I wonder if is to do with the football on offer – February and March would have been when the English season was still in full swing, but this review has seen bets on games from countries such as Iceland, Japan, Singapore, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and so on.

Whilst there is no reason to bet on games from these countries, I just wonder if the English season is more suited to Martin’s selection process then other leagues at other times.

As such, I really would love to review this service for 56 days between, say, September and March just for comparison purposes.

However, my verdict has to be based on the results I have seen during this review period.  Previous/Future performance may be different, but this review period is what I am focussing on.

The Final Verdict

Weighing up that we finished -116.17 pts in the red, with a subscription fee of £39.98 on top, and that the starting bank only managed to be above it’s initial 200 pts for only 3 days of this review, I hereby deem My Lucky 15 to have failed.

Sgt Rob.

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Sergeant Rob-Reviews My Lucky 15