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Sgt Chris reviewing PAWS (Personal All Weather Selections)



Hi Bloggers,

This is the final summary of PAWS, a tipping service where selections are sent through your e-mail address but can also have access through the members page.

All the selections are for backing only, and as the title of the service suggests, it deals with the All Weather horse races taking place in the UK.

The type of bets we place, include win only, e/w bets and in some occasions e/w double bets. In each case the author informs what the bet should be. In addition, when you join the service, you also have access to a pdf file containing valuable information about the service and a few rules you should be aware of.

For each selection, Allan Moore, the guy responsible for PAWS, also provides us with the best prices available at that time and the name of the bookie too. Whatever the case, all our bets should be placed with bookies providing BOG (Best Odds Guarantee). For the purpose of this review I’ve used the Betfair SP as well, to make a comparison.

Finally, as the author proposes, the starting bank should be 100 pts. There’s no complicated staking plan used, just level stakes here.

After this brief reminder of what PAWS is all about let’s proceed with the actual results achieved during the review period. Initially I will separate the results between win or e/w bets and e/w double bets, and at the end we’ll see the total outcome.

First, take a look on how the win bets performed

Total number of bets : 173

Winning selections : 49

Losing selections : 124

Strike Rate : 28.32 %

Total number of poins staked : 208 (including e/w bets)

P/L using BOG : + 46.45 pts (ROI 22.33 %)

P/L using BSP : 31.75 pts (ROI 15.26 %)

Now, let’s see how the e/w double bets performed

Number of e/w double bets placed : 19

Profitable bets : 4

Losing bets : 15

Strike Rate : 21.05 %

Total number of points staked (e/w doubles) : 31 pts

P/L using BOG : 86.75 pts (ROI 279.83 %)

P/L using BSP : 83.07 pts (ROI 267.96 %)

So, here’s the final results

Recommended staking plan (level stakes using BOG):

Start balance : 100 pts

Total P/L : 133.20 pts

Final balance : 233.20 pts

ROI : 55.73%

Recommended staking plan (level stakes using BSP):

Start balance : 100 pts

Total P/L : 114.82 pts

Final balance : 214.82 pts

ROI : 48.04 %

I’ve started covering results since 9th May 2012, so in real terms it took 6 months to reach 84 betting days. Paying a monthly fee of £ 39.99 for subscription during this period, means I should stake £ 1.80 per point to break even. Staking a reasonable amount of £ 10 per point, should produce a net profit of £1,092 during the review.

Overall I must admit it’s a very good service. All e-mails were delivered in time every day, even when it wasn’t a betting day, around 10:30 – 11:00 UK time each morning. From that point all you have to do is place your bets as advised in your e-mail.

The disadvantage is you must have access to your e-mail address at that time, if you want to grab that early best prices available. Personally, due to work commitments I was unable to, and I’m sure other people face the same problem. Also, customers should keep accounts with more than one online bookies (5-6 should be optimum) in order to obtain the best prices offered every time. Of course, there’s always the solution of using Betfair, removing the above mentioned problems. There might be a slightly lower profit, but still a significant one.

Other than that, I didn’t experience any issues during the review. In fact, any time I had a query and asked Allan Moore, he was always eager to answer my questions.

In conclusion, PAWS is certainly a professional service. During our review period, made a nice profit and more importantly delivered what it promised, nothing more or nothing less.

Rating the service

Profitability : 4

Ease of use : 4

Risk : 4

Return on investment (ROI) : 4

Support and documentation : 5

Time needed to apply the system : 5

The final overall rating of the PAWS service is 4 stars

I hope you’ve enjoyed the review.

Regards, Chris.

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Sgt. Chris Reviewing PAWS