Place 4 Profits Final Review

16 February 2014

Place 4 Profits 

Sgt Lucian Reviews Place 4 Profits

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Hi Bloggers,

Here are the final words and statistics for Place 4 Profits.  Place 4 Profits is a WIN! Network managed service and subscription options are one week at £12, one month at £36 or a full three months at £69.

After 56 days of review here are the numbers:

Start Bank : 300 points

Overall WIN P/L/: -107.34 Points

Running Bank : 192.67 Points

Winning bets: 26

Total bets: 56

With and average hit rate under 47% and with an average odd of 1.78 the service proved to be unprofitable for the review period.

As it is a tipping service I don’t want to add my comments as all tipping service comes from a tipster perspective and in some periods this service proves to be profitable. However, not in our case and  Place 4 Profits goes down as a FAILED service.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Lucian Reviews Place 4 Profits