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Sgt Steve reviews Place Bet Pro


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Hi Bloggers,

So Day 82 brought us to Good Friday. I have stopped the review of Place Bet Pro here as there was no racing then I went away for Easter and had no internet connection so apologies for being short by 2 days but I think the results speak for themselves.

Place Bet Pro is a place betting system e-book for UK Horse Racing. The system rules identify place bets which can be placed on Betfair or with any bookmaker that offers place only bets. I just used Betfair for the purposes of this trial.

The rules of Place Bet Pro are very straight forward and easy to follow and are based on short priced horses finishing in the frame. The system is set up to be applied on UK Horse Racing however it is simple enough that it may be applied elsewhere but for the purposes of this trial I will stick to UK racing. The main issue with the system is that the selections are based on horses being within a certain price range. However it doesn’t specify a time i.e. just before the off, at the start of the day etc. Given that I live in Australia and to be consistent I tried to get my prices that were on offer at 11am UK time. This gave the markets enough time to move after the bookies put up their prices and still allowed me to get some beauty sleep! However this created the potential for me to come up with slightly different results than someone who was sitting there all day and betting at the off. And I had a couple of people get in touch with me about their selections and we were slightly different because of that. However, the results speak for themselves.

So altogether there were 212 qualifiers, 164 winners and 48 unplaced for a strike rate of 77.4 per cent. I think from memory the author claimed 82 per cent so we are pretty close.

So therefore the total amount staked was £21,200 for a return of £23,121.80, a return on investment of around 10 per cent, which is a lot more than I am getting in my UK bank account currently!

To sum up simply, it is easy to use and it definitely comes more naturally as time goes on. Looking back over my review I reckon I didn’t come completely to grips with it until about 20 days or so in. Can do the selections in about 10-15 minutes now. I didn’t really follow it with my own money but most certainly will be now so hopefully can retire in about 2 years J. The good thing about this system is that it doesn’t require a huge bank and is designed for level staking though I am going to use a percentage of bank going forward as if this performance repeats it will build up nicely as well as looking at doing doubles and trebles. Unfortunately Paddy Power seems to be the only bookie that offers place only betting and some of his odds leave a little to be desired. If anyone can point me to anyone else that does it would be much appreciated.

Start Balance: £1000

Total P/L: £2121.80

Final Balance: £3121.80


Sgt Steve reviewing Place Bet Pro

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