Point2Lay Final Review

29th November 2011


Sergeant Lucian – Reviews Point2Lay


Hi Bloggers,

The Point2Lay team suspended the review on 14th October. They promised to release a new version of the software soon, but it is over a month now and a final conclusion must be made.

The Point2Lay software spots false favourites in horse racing win markets based on TFQR (Tax Free Quid Ratings). Point2Lay runs, scans, rates all UK races. The selections will be highlighted in RED.

The program does all the job for the user, so it isn’t necessary to insert any data. There is no need to study data- horse race stats, trainer, jockey, etc, etc. The software does all that for the user.

Betting bot is included. The bot, by default, will not place lay bets on odds over 5.0 but this option can be changed by the user to any desired odds. In order to work smoothly the software needs a good internet connection, a paid Racing Post account (£2 per week) and of course a Betfair account. Point2Lay is free for the first 15 days and then £49.99 every 3 months. Alternatively for one month the price is £24.99.

Now let’s take a look at the results after 30 days of review.

Point2Lay on day 30.

Initial bank – 1000 points and 100 point bet.

Running bank after day 30 = 476.37 points – loss 523.63 points

The numbers show clearly that this software can be reverted to being a back bot, as I’ve suggested. As a lay bot clearly it has FAILED, because on 30 days over half bank is gone.

Now here are results on backing the Point2Lay selections.

Level stakes 100 points on bet.

DateMeetingTimeSelectionOddsStakeResultP/LRunning Total
15th SepAyr1.50Farang Kondiew2.19100.00LOSS119.001,119.00
15th SepList3.25Darasal Wane4.48100.00LOSS348.001,467.00
15th SepList4.25Son Amix2.00100.00WIN-100.001,367.00
15th SepPonte4.30Petella4.36100.00WIN-100.001,267.00
16th SepAyr2.10Strictly Silver3.63100.00LOSS263.001,530.00
18th SepUttox3.50Taratata Sivola4.87100.00WIN-100.001,430.00
18th SepHam4.10Hills Of Dakota4.20100.00LOSS320.001,750.00
21st SepPerth3.00Fools Wildcat3.93100.00WIN-100.001,650.00
21st SepGood4.20Billy Buttons3.94100.00WIN-100.001,550.00
21st SepDownP4.30Rockyaboya4.72100.00LOSS372.001,922.00
21st SepRedc5.10Dance For Julie3.91100.00WIN-100.001,822.00
22nd SepPonte3.05Rythmic3.32100.00WIN-100.001,722.00
24th SepGowP1.55Glor Na Mara2.87100.00WIN-100.001,622.00
24th SepNewm3.10Sahpresa2.76100.00LOSS176.001,798.00
24th SepChest5.20Pearl Blue3.75100.00WIN-100.001,698.00
25th SepClon2.25Whatever It Takes3.53100.00LOSS253.001,951.00
26th SepHam3.10Smart Step3.99100.00LOSS299.002,250.00
28th SepSalis3.00Rock The Stars4.70100.00WIN-100.002,150.00
29th SepWolv2.00Amoure Medici4.66100.00LOSS366.002,516.00
29th SepWolv4.00Mount Hollow4.82100.00WIN-100.002,416.00
29th SepKemp7.40Maloof3.35100.00WIN-100.002,316.00
30th SepAscot4.40Cunning Act3.75100.00WIN-100.002,216.00
30th SepDund8.30Licence To Till4.91100.00LOSS391.002,607.00
1st OctAscot5.00Dubai Queen4.46100.00WIN-100.002,507.00
4th OctCatt3.00Come On Dave4.20100.00WIN-100.002,407.00
4th OctSthl3.20Illustration4.20100.00WIN-100.002,307.00
4th OctCatt4.30Painted Tail4.62100.00WIN-100.002,207.00
4th OctSthl5.20Beechcraft Baron2.65100.00WIN-100.002,107.00
6th OctWolv7.20Ravi River3.90100.00WIN-100.002,007.00
8th OctYork1.50Mickdaam3.14100.00LOSS214.002,221.00
8th OctWolv6.00Baltic Flyer3.98100.00WIN-100.002,121.00
8th OctWolv8.30Queen Grace4.73100.00LOSS373.002,494.00
12th OctLing2.00Good Morning Star3.30100.00WIN-100.002,394.00
13th OctBrig4.00Pearl Opera4.20100.00WIN-100.002,294.00
13th OctPunch4.45Bundle Of Fun2.30100.00WIN-100.002,194.00
14th OctRedc2.35Daddy Warbucks3.20100.00LOSS220.002,414.00
14th OctChelt3.20Paint The Clouds2.95100.00LOSS295.002,709.00

ROI in this case is over 46% and a bank gain of over 1700 points.

Second back method 123 and keep 3 until the profit is reached over the level when the increase start.

DateMeetingTimeSelectionOddsStakeResultP/LRunning Total
15th SepAyr1.50Farang Kondiew2.19100.001113.051,113.05
15th SepList3.25Darasal Wane4.48100.001330.601,443.65
15th SepList4.25Son Amix2.00100.000-100.001,343.65
15th SepPonte4.30Petella4.36200.000-200.001,143.65
16th SepAyr2.10Strictly Silver3.63300.001749.551,893.20
18th SepUttox3.50Taratata Sivola4.87100.000-100.001,793.20
18th SepHam4.10Hills Of Dakota4.20200.001608.002,401.20
21st SepPerth3.00Fools Wildcat3.93100.000-100.002,301.20
21st SepGood4.20Billy Buttons3.94200.000-200.002,101.20
21st SepDownP4.30Rockyaboya4.72300.0011,060.203,161.40
21st SepRedc5.10Dance For Julie3.91100.000-100.003,061.40
22nd SepPonte3.05Rythmic3.32200.000-200.002,861.40
24th SepGowP1.55Glor Na Mara2.87300.000-300.002,561.40
24th SepNewm3.10Sahpresa2.76300.001501.603,063.00
24th SepChest5.20Pearl Blue3.75300.000-300.002,763.00
25th SepClon2.25Whatever It Takes3.53300.001721.053,484.05
26th SepHam3.10Smart Step3.99100.001284.053,768.10
28th SepSalis3.00Rock The Stars4.70100.000-100.003,668.10
29th SepWolv2.00Amoure Medici4.66200.001695.404,363.50
29th SepWolv4.00Mount Hollow4.82100.000-100.004,263.50
29th SepKemp7.40Maloof3.35200.000-200.004,063.50
30th SepAscot4.40Cunning Act3.75300.000-300.003,763.50
30th SepDund8.30Licence To Till4.91300.0011,114.354,877.85
1st OctAscot5.00Dubai Queen4.46100.000-100.004,777.85
4th OctCatt3.00Come On Dave4.20200.000-200.004,577.85
4th OctSthl3.20Illustration4.20300.000-300.004,277.85
4th OctCatt4.30Painted Tail4.62300.000-300.003,977.85
4th OctSthl5.20Beechcraft Baron2.65300.000-300.003,677.85
6th OctWolv7.20Ravi River3.90300.000-300.003,377.85
8th OctYork1.50Mickdaam3.14300.001609.903,987.75
8th OctWolv6.00Baltic Flyer3.98300.000-300.003,687.75
8th OctWolv8.30Queen Grace4.73300.0011,063.054,750.80
12th OctLing2.00Good Morning Star3.30300.000-300.004,450.80
13th OctBrig4.00Pearl Opera4.20300.000-300.004,150.80
13th OctPunch4.45Bundle Of Fun2.30300.000-300.003,850.80
14th OctRedc2.35Daddy Warbucks3.20300.001627.004,477.80
14th OctChelt3.20Paint The Clouds2.95300.001555.755,033.55

In this case ROI is over 48% but look at the bank after 30 days period – over 4000 point profit all this with a hit rate of 38%.

I’ve done this as a demonstration.

In this form as a lay system, and after the 30 days review it is in the failed category.

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Sgt Lucian – Reviews Point2Lay

Review Manager note:

The vendor emailed me to say:

“I have been in touch with our programmer. He admits that it is faulty but still unable to reproduce the fault as to find a solution to it. He has said he will keep checking it until he finds where the issue is”
Maybe in the future we can re-review this software. Rich – Review Manager