Power Bet Pro Final Review

28th February 2017

Power Bet Pro

Sgt Cardgambit – Reviews Power Bet Pro

It has been a really interesting roller coaster of a journey with Power Bet Pro. I will admit I was feeling extremely negative during the first month of the trial as it failed to produce any level of consistency and being in the red at the end of the month. However month 2 and 3 were both profitable months, and my level of interest readjusted accordingly.

To recap:

Power Bet Pro is a horse racing tipping service that offers anything up to 7 tips daily, sent to your email the night before or posted on the Betfan members area. It is a well organised, well tracked service (on Betfan) and punters would have enjoyed a healthy increase in bankroll over the last several months prior to this review. The subscription is £50/month or quarterly at £100, and it does have its advantages, not least being part of the Betfan’s portfolio which has one of the best proofing feature I’ve seen.

Betting System Reviews Trial: 89 days
Total number of bets: 340

Strike Rate: 32.08%
Final P&L after 89 days: (level stakes): +161.54pts
Final P&L after 89 days: (recommended stakes): +367.84pts


On face value, anyone who is looking at the final P&L will undoubtedly say that this has been an outrageously successful trial, and I won’t blame anyone taking the plunge with Power Bet Pro. They do deserve credit for  a very reliable service, where tips are consistently sent out the night before, the Betfan’s members page is well maintained, results are well tracked and ultimately they have been able to give their members a profitable run till date.

My biggest problem is the lack of consistency. In other words, our overall profit over 3 months came in the form of 4 single BIG WINNING DAYS over the 89 day trial. These 4 days showed single day profits of +275pts, +86pts, +65.57pts,.+63.88pts. Needless to say the +275pts day was a freak of a day, and if you were unlucky enough for whatever reason unable to place the bets, there will be some tears at the very least.

Losing trends can be soul crushing in this game, and with Power Bet Pro you would have needed to take some heavy punches. In December we saw a losing trend of 57pts before recovering, other months saw losing trends of 35pts, 39pts but all successful recovered with a single big winning day as mentioned in the paragraph above.

To know that you’ve paid £50/month for a potential single day that would make or break your entire month’s P&L – this is where I look at my bankroll and say ‘I’m out’.

Would I Recommend?
I would recommend these guys but only if you are the type who could religiously commit to placing these bets everyday, come rain or shine, and have nerves of steel that can withstand some pretty serious losing streaks, banking that your losing streak will come to an end thanks to a single massive winning day.

Final Score
For the ease of use, reliability, and overall profitability, I would be happy to give Power Bet Pro a PASS and a solid 3.5 stars.

Overall Rating: star Tyche Windfall Review Final Summarystar Tyche Windfall Review Final Summarystar Tyche Windfall Review Final Summaryhalfstar Tyche Windfall Review Final Summaryblankstar Tyche Windfall Review Final Summary


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Regards, Sgt Cardgambit

Sgt Cardgambit Reviews Power Bet Pro