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  smallfailed Football Betting Tipsters Review Summary 

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    As you can subscribe to either the Back or Lay part or even the two combined on the Profit From Systems website, i have decide to split the Final Review in  to two seperate ones.

    This review will not take long unlike its Lay counterpart the backs recorded a loss over the 84 day review the stats are as follows:

Selections 627/120 Winners – Strike Rate 19.14%

Average Price of Selections = 5.40 BFSP

Average Price of Winner = 5.22 BFSP

Longest Winning Run = 2 (Twelve Times)

Longest Losing Run = 20 (Once), 19 (Once), 15(Twice)

P/L for the Period =  minus 51.15 points

   Quite simply if you had started with a 100 point Bank half of that has disappeared already, the website claims 15 points a month profit average so for September it would have to make 115 points profit to reach that target and compensate for the previous months as well. As you can see the service is unable to get a good winning steak together only managing 2 at any given time.

   One area that really done the service was the 2 and 3 point selections the stats are pretty poor:

2 point Selections 84/13 Winners – Strike Rate 15.48%

P/L during Review Period = minus 43.27 points

3 point Selections 19/3 Winners – Strike Rate 15.80%

P/L during Review Period = minus 12.85 points

Total P/L for the Period =  minus 56.12 points

    So the larger bets accounted for all the losses plus, even if you did not back these and allowing for the fact you would be 4.97 points in profit just backing the 1 point selections this is still well short of the 15 points profit per month average advertised and hardly justifies the 35 pound per month subscription charges.


  Another one bites the dust taking all the factors in to consideration I am giving this one 2 stars and it is another Jailed and Failed, soon the jail will be becoming overcrowded. For the Lay part of this service this is in complete contrast to this one and will be discussed in a separate review.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


Sgt Dave

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