Profit Maximiser Final Review

8th March 2015



Sgt Colin – Reviews Profit Maximiser


This is Sgt Colin summarising my review of Mike Cruikshank’s Profit Maximiser service (PM), a “risk free” betting offer from the same stable as Bonus Bagging, which was reviewed earlier on this site and awarded 4.5 stars.


The sales promise was to focus on “low stakes” bonus offers, and offers a year’s subscription to a private members only site which identifies them and  discusses the best way of maximising the benefits. The service also promises access to Mike himself, and to numerous “how to” videos and to a regular e-mail service. This all costs £116.40 (£97 plus VAT). In addition, there is a private Facebook group where members discuss the offers and provide lots of advice.

In addition, there is a complementary service which provides software to help you to identify the best bets to utilise the offers. This costs a similar amount to the main service (£96 plus VAT)

The service is an extension to the scope of Bonus Bagging, identifying ways of benefiting from new account bonuses on sportsbooks, casinos and bingo sites, and from reload bonuses and bookie special offers.

My summary will cover three areas: results, ease of use and customer service


In short, the service delivered! I reviewed the service for 12 weeks (there were a couple of weeks when I had no internet access, so the review took longer than that), and made £2,065 profit starting with a £1000 bank. This was all done with little risk (i.e. low “net” staking) although you do need to have funds readily available to take advantage of the offers.

My review covered sports betting (primarily football and racing), spread betting, casinos/games and bingo (never thought I’d play bingo profitably!). With the exception of slots/casinos, all were very profitable. Whilst £438 came from bookmakers opening offers (I already had a lot of accounts so this was limited somewhat) and £145 from spread betting (a mix of opening & ongoing offers), the largest contribution by far was from ongoing offers – either free bets (over £1040 gained)  or speculative offers (e.g “money back if second”).  I even made £80 from bingo (from 4 accounts with far more available.)

Some of the regular PM members make significant sums from casino/slot offers – but I couldn’t get them to work for me (too many offers where the risk /reward seems too close).

Customer Service

Not only were the results good, but the customer service was exemplary. In addition, the Facebook group proved to be a real boon – helpful, informative and very friendly. To be honest – this was very difficult to fault.

Ease Of Use

So how easy was this money to make? Well, I suppose there has to be a downside somewhere. Making this level of profit was pretty time consuming, but the service continually highlighted numerous opportunities. It’s nowhere near as easy as receiving a tip and backing or laying it, so if that is all you want to do, this isn’t for you. I also think you would need to be confident with numbers to make it work well. Having said that, there really is little downside – and the opportunities speak for themselves.

There is also the risk that the bookies close your accounts, or restrict them. I had a long standing account restricted (Ladbrokes), and 2 of the new ones. There are tactics for avoiding this within the instructions/Facebook discussions, but they aren’t as sophisticated as some I’ve seen (use of masking software etc) – so this is a real risk. Having said that, since the review ended I made over £450 over 4 days at Cheltenham without a twitch from any of the bookies! And making money from bookies long term will result in closures whatever you do.

So how do we rate this service? It is clearly profitable, excellently managed – and increasingly popular (5000 members of the Facebook group). The downside is the time spent, and how long this can be sustained (which goes for all services I fear). There doesn’t seem to be any let up in the offers being put out there to attract new & existing customers – so hopefully for some time to come!


Thank you for your time.

PS  I’ve kept on using Profit Maximiser and my profit to date now stands at £4400 (7th June). Very few new opening bonuses, but all of the other profit sources have continued at a steady rate. I’ve even managed to make over £500 from the slots.

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Sgt Colin Reviews Profit Maximiser