20090805 failed stamp Simply The Best Summary

2 Month Review


Hi Bloggers,

Well another review comes to an end after just over 2 months of study. The final

overall figure for the system was  – 47.15 pts and as can be seen by that, not many

positives to really get excited about. The only positive figure in fact came from the

E/W and Place bets with a small profit of  + 5.14 pts for that particular part of the

system.  In fact if you look at each individual part of the system,  you can soon

realise where the trouble came from (Lucky 15’s in particular). Take away these

figures and the figures for the back bets and you would actually be in profit for

the 2 months, if only slightly.

Alas though, I am here to review the complete system and not each individual part,

and so regretfully I have to fail this system overall on merit. The figures quoted by

the author just didn’t live up to what actually unfolded in reality and it really beggars

belief where in fact he dreamed these up! I have no doubt given another month

we would have seen even worse figures. So lets put an end to this particular ‘ strange

world of profit’ and seek out a new civilisation where one day hopefully the gambling

God’s can create a ‘Brave New Profit World’ of their own!


Best regards and happy betting, Tommy.


20090805 failed stamp Simply The Best Summary

2 Month Review