Racing Analyser Final Review

21 March 2014

 Racing Analyser

Sgt Lucian – Reviews Racing Analyser


Hi Bloggers,

A short reminder for Racing Analyser product.  This is a service managed by WinningInformationNetwork .  Membership is currently available at £65.00 for 28 days or at  £130.00 for 90 days. Now as a reminder the product failed after 56 days but managed in short period after to reach the starting bank. During the extended period the tipping service didn’t managed to perform any better. Here are the simple stats:

Start Bank : 200 points

Final Bank : 205.23 Points


Overall P/L//: +5.23 points

There was simple bets (win market, place market)  and multiple bets. With a profit of 5 points and a cost of £130.00 we should have an £100 per point in order to cover the costs of the service and obtain a small profit after 84 betting days.

Finishing with a small profit I have put  Racing Analyser in NEUTRAL CATEGORY.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian Reviews Racing Analyser