Racing Revelation – Final Review


Hi Bloggers

We have come to the end of the review for Racing Revelation and I am dissappointed to say I feel this system has failed to deliver the promises made on their website.

Looking back at the results over this period it had far too many long losing runs and with many winners being short prices then it was always going to be a struggle to make a profit.

It did go through a good period and I thought maybe the bad run was due to the change from NH to Flat but over the last 2 weeks we have found many losers so for anyone to profit from this long term I think it would be very difficult considering the many long losing runs.

I therefore after careful consideration would have to say this system has failed.

Total Cumulative profit / loss : -2.6 points in 84 days…

Thanks for checking this out and hope I have kept you informed on how this system was going.

[You can See The Racing Revelation out Here]