Racing Revolt – Final Review

30th September 2013


Sgt Bill – Reviews Racing Revolt

My final review. This review has been drawn up after 57 days of following selections.

Racing Revolt currently offers subscribers, willing to fork out £39.99 per month, daily horse racing selections. Racing Revolt claim, in their marketing, to have achieved a profit in excess of 100 points during the period 1st March 2013 until 31st May 2013. It is stated that selections during the aforementioned period were listed free of charge online.

Racing Revolt selections are provided, by e-mail, to subscribers approximately one hour before racing. I can confirm that in terms of reliability, selection delivery has been first class.

During the 57 days of my review selections have been received every racing day. In fact, over the period of this review I received no less than 617 selections, regularly receiving selections totalling in excess of 10 per day; to be honest this could one of the possible reasons for the negative nature of my findings….

Selections are backed to win at Betfair SP or Bet365 Best Odds Guaranteed. I chose to use Betfair SP, with the recommended 100 points starting back and level stakes of 1 point per selection. The end result is a substantial loss, see below:

Total Starting Bank                     100 points

Total Selections                            617

Winning Selections                      94

Winning Strike Rate                   15.24%

Loss over 57 Days                        70.03 pts

In a nut-shell; if you started with £1000 and backed every selection with £10 you would currently stand out of pocket to the tune of £700.30, with just less that £300 of your £1000 remaining.

The main problem, other than losing your money, is primarily, in my opinion, the number of selections each day dramatically reduces the opportunity to profit. Winners simply were not of a sufficient volume and SP to generate profits after losses. There were some good price winners as you can see for the daily records, but far too many losers. Losing sequences were too long and winning sequences far too short. SPs, when combined with winning frequency, were simply insufficiently robust to make a profit during the review period. For this reason it seemed appropriate to stop the Raving Revolt review.

Keeping this review unbiased and factual I need to quote from the Racing Revolt website:

“The team behind Racing Revolt have spent many years testing everything you can think of when it comes to making long term profits with horse racing is here to help you profit with betting horses to win. The aim of our website is to give you a short cut route to long term profits. We have over 20 years betting experience between us, and have been lucky enough to find ourselves in the 2% club of punters that make genuine long term profits from horse racing”

In the review period sadly these claims couldn’t be substantiated so I’m afraid this goes into the failed category.

Failed Reviews

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Bill Reviews Racing Revolt