Smart Soccer Trading – Final Review

Smart Soccer Trading

14th February 2013

Sergeant Lucian – Final Review of Smart Soccer Trading

The Laying Game4.0 STARS

Hi Bloggers,

Here’s the final summary for BST Smart Soccer Trading review.  Smart Soccer Trading is from Steve Davidson stable. Michael has put together a lot of unique trading soccer strategies into three sections: Introduction, Gold and Premier. The price for full package is 99.99 pounds and I consider this as a reasonable price for a full trading course.

Not an easy review here as the product contains a lot of strategies and the success of these strategies is  based on finding good  matching selections, expectation of bookies for that matches and personal analysis. Perfect trading  does not normally involve the full soccer match, in most cases before the finish the trade has been completed and a profit secured or stop loss strategy has kicked in  to make the losses as low as possible.  Without stop loss strategy or a cover bets strategy huge losses can hit the trading bank.

Before you start to use these strategies any user must understand that following the intro package is essential. Also a period of paper trading is needed  or trading with low stakes. The reason is not only for correct knowledge of the strategy and how to handle it, the main reason is the selection process and making all the pre match documentation.

Now after using 8 strategies from all three packages  here are the results:

Start Balance: 1000 points

Running Balance: 2421.52 points

Profit: 1421.52 points


For all the package I consider a 4 star rating is fair one,the strategies bring clear profit if you trade in the right games.  Personally I recommend good documentation on general trading before using this package and see simple trading strategies as lay/back or back/lay on different markets as Draw, Under/Over 2.5, etc. Also on internet anyone can read about simple rules for documenting a soccer game.   This is the reason for some comments as this is a trading strategies collection and not a system with selections process for soccer games.

In my opinion here order 0f the strategies for you to read and apply:

1. First Goal 0-10 Minutes
2. Any Unquoted Correct Score Strategy
3. Any Unquoted Correct Score Strategy with safeguard
4. Halftime 0-0 and Fulltime 0-0
5. Halftime 0-0 and Fulltime 0-0 (with a stop loss)
6. Lay the Draw & Correct Score Trading Strategy
7. Lay The Draw & Cover All Draws
8. Both Teams to Score & Correct Score
9. Under 2.5, and Correct Score markets
10. Under 2.5 goal and first Goal Market
11. Halftime Score Market, with under 2.5 if scoreline is 0-0
12. Halftime Score Market,with under 2.5 if scoreline is 0-1(with goal)
13. Underdog leading at halftime
14. Buying High & Selling Low

Final words – the product as a trading package worth is   4.0 STARS.


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian – Reviews Smart Soccer Trading