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Sgt Tommy reviews Soccer Magic

28th January 2013 Update – 2.5 star products now constitute a failed marking.

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Hi Bloggers,

This has been quite the ‘roller coaster’ ride with the ‘Soccer Magic‘ man with some good results at the start then a bit of a lull around half way, followed by a run of very good results, immediately followed by some very bad results, and finally ending with a positive result on day 84!

Amazingly enough during the 84 day review of Soccer Magic, the starting bank has never reached a negative point, its lowest point being *+100.63 pts* after day 4. Just to illustrate the ‘swings and roundabouts’ even further, after day 38 we were at *+ 104 pts*, reaching a peak of *+ 198.97 pts* at day 73.

Now the important point to bear in mind here is that we ended the review of  Soccer Magic on day 84 at* + 142.91 pts*, that is a *loss* of* 56.06 pts* in just 11 days! Now it could well be that Soccer Magic could go on to attain the ‘dizzy heights’ of day 73 again then be followed by several losing days. That is definitely the nature of this particular beast and if you like to have lots of bets every day and can stand the very dramatic twists and turns associated with lots of bets, then Soccer Magic may well be for you. Now onto the stats for the review period:

416 Bets/117 Wins = 28.12 % Strike Rate
Total Stakes for the review period = 786 points
Total Profit for the Review Period = 42.91 points
Return on Investment  = 5.46%

So as mentioned previously you do get a lot of bets these are a mixture of singles and multiples even had a 12 fold bet during the review. Now  Soccer Magic does use advised stakes ranging from 1 to 4 points now we can see that using this you would have had to stake 786 points to win 42.91 points which is only a 5.46% ROI. You have of course to take into account your monthly fees which at the moment are 39 GBP a month or 78 GBP for the quarter and of course adjust your staking accordingly. To put this into perspective if paying the monthly subscription and you staked 10 pounds per point you would have made around 312.10 pounds profit after deductions, your Total Stakes would have been 7860 pounds over the 12 weeks this would have further reduced your ROI to 3.98% or with the quarterly fee a little better a 351.1 pounds profit and a 4.47% ROI. Of course you would have a few days left still as the review period covered only 12 weeks and not a complete 3 months but this is just to give you an idea.

At the end of the day Soccer Magic DID make a profit over the 12 weeks so I would give this a pass mark of 2.5 stars considering some of the risks involved and the outlay required to make the profits.

I would definitely advise caution against weighing in to heavily with your ‘hard earned dosherooni’ until such times as you are comfortable with the ‘mood swings’!

28th January 2013 Update – 2.5 star products now constitute a failed marking.

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All the best

Sgt Tommy- Reviews Soccer Magic