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Sports Betting Dynamics

RM Dave reviews Sports Betting Dynamics

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Well Sports Betting Dynamics proved to be a bit of a surprise. I actually thought it would have staked well over a 1000 points in order to produce the profit of 52.64 points(1 point correction from postings) in fact it was only 759.15 points this  gave the service a ROI of  6.93% to the recommended stakes.  Also of interest was the fact to that to 1 points level stake it also produced a profit of 9.46 points to 152 points staked an ROI of  6.22 %  profits on both could have been improved if Sports Betting Dynamics had not used treble bets in the first part of the review these showed a loss to recommended stakes of 16.45 points and to Level Stakes a minus 6.80 points, after a few weeks the trebles were dropped from the bets given by Sports Betting Dynamics . Lets see how the service performed over the 12 weeks the graph below shows what occurred using the operators recommended stakes:

Sports Betting Dynamics

Out of 12 weeks Sports Betting Dynamics had only 3 losing ones but as can be seen from the graph Week 6 took a hefty loss of over 111 points then this was followed by the services best week when it made over 74 points profit. I believe the vendor actualy expected to make more profit than 52.65 points but week 6 threw a spanner in the works, but what you can say is that Sports Betting Dynamics did bounce back fairly quickly. Here is the bottom line some hefty stakes were put in place once the losses started and 2 x 25 point bets (Maximum Stakes) went down before a 22 point double obliged in Week 7 this was the turnaround. So if you were to subscribe to this service you need to be comfortable placing some large stakes. So lets have a look at the Strike Rate, average odds  and losing/winnings run these are shown in the tables below.

Overall Figures for Sports Betting Dynamics

152 Bets / 85 Winning Bets = 55.93% Strike Rate
Profit / Loss  = + 52.64 points to Recommended Stakes
ROI = 6.93% to Recommended Stakes
Level Stakes (1 point) = + 9.46 points
ROI = 6.22%  to 1 point Level Stakes
Longest Winning Run = 6 (Twice), 5 (Twice), 4 (Three times)
Longest Losing Run  = 7 (Once), 6 (once), 4 ( Four times)
Average Odds( All Bets) = 1.98
Average Odds of Winning Bets (All Bets) = 1.87

As can be seen from the averages you are backing selections mostly at odds on, the stakes recommended by the service did improve the ROI  a little, the losing runs of 7 and 6 occured between the 9th to 15th March in fact they were split up by just one winning bet otherwise you could have been looking at a losing run of 13 of course this period covered Week 6.   Anyway i have broke down the bets into the different types below and you can really see how poor the treble bets were and certainly the service was right in removing them.

Bets Broken Down

Single Bets

84 Bets / 50 Winning Bets = 59.52% Strike Rate
Profit / Loss  = + 30.83 points to Recommended Stakes
ROI = 8.03% to Recommended Stakes
Level Stakes (1 point) = + 9.45 points
ROI = 11.25%  to 1 point Level Stakes
Longest Winning Run = 8 (Once), 4 (Twice), 3 (Five times)
Longest Losing Run  = 5 (Once), 3 (Once),
Average Price of Selection = 1.98
Average Price of Winning Selection = 1.82
Double Bets
59 Bets / 34 Winning Doubles  = 57.64% Strike Rate
Profit / Loss  = + 38.26 points to Recommended Stakes
ROI = 10.73% to Recommended Stakes
Level Stakes (1 point) =  + 6.81 points
ROI = 11.54%  to 1 point Level Stakes
Longest Winning Run = 5 (Three Times), 4 (Twice), 3 (Once)
Longest Losing Run  = 4 (Once), 3 (Three times),
Average Price of Double = 1.97
Average Price of Winning Double = 1.935
Treble Bets
9 Bets  / 1 Winning Treble = 11.11% Strike Rate
Profit / Loss  = minus  16.45 points to Recommended Stakes
ROI = minus 88.20 % to Recommended Stakes
Level Stakes (1 point) = minus 6.80 points
ROI = minus 77.55%  to 1 point Level Stakes
Longest Winning Run = 1 (Once)
Longest Losing Run  = 7 (Once)
Average Price of Treble = 2.25
Average Price of Winning Treble = 2.20

The double bets steal the show by making more points with less selections and a Strike Rate just under 2% short of the singles, individually the losing runs were not bad and winning runs were frequent. We  can see that without the trebles the service would be near enough on 70 points profit and that was with the really bad week.


The results of this review of  Sports Betting Dynamics were based on the operators odds unfortunately due to time difference i was unable to check on these, some postings say you can obtain these or it balances out where others disagree. I can say that the e-mails were received without fail, in a lot of cases the reason for the bets was explained which is good. Compared with the NBA results for the period 25th October 2010 to January 19th 2011 where the service made a profit of 209.50 points and achieved an ROI of nearly 17%, a strike rate of 59.38% it has actually underperformed. To further strengthen this opinion since the review ended on April 28th the service has had 17 bets of which 11 were successful this is a strike rate of 64.72% and produced a 14.07 points profit a  ROI of 16.46%. Now this kind of service will not be for everyone as you are backing on shortish odds and stakes can be high you certainly need to have discipline and faith in the selections, if you were using 10 pounds per  point how many of you would have staked 220 pounds on a 3.25 double after taking a hit of 1100 pounds the week before. The lowest the bank ever reached was 227.91 points so it was never in danger of being wiped out, the operator recommends a 300 point bank to start.

So how much does it cost?  Well when  Sports Betting Dynamics went live the subscription charges from March 1 st to Mid June was 157 pounds and as per the webpage this was with a 50% discount so once again you would have to have a fair size starting bank behind you to cover costs and to make a reasonable profit.  At the moment the membership is full but you can register your interest on the website and you will be notified when spaces become available. So taking in what the service achieved during the review,the  excellent e-mail service but with some concerns about getting odds, the fact that the subscription charges could be fairly high at normal rates i have decided to award it a 3 star rating i shall continue to monitor the results and give an update when the NBA season finishes in around 6 weeks time. If Sports Betting Dynamics had matched or surpassed the figures it achieved between October 25th  to January 19th it would have gained a  higher rating, but  all we can do is base our score on what happened  during the review period.


RM Dave

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RM Dave- reviews Sports Betting Dynamics