Hi Bloggers,

We have come to the end of the trial period for Sports Betting Professor…

I have been very impressed with the level of service and quality of information.

Rich Allen normally sends 2 emails a day, sometimes 3, first one giving an

overview of how many possible selections and then his second email states

the actual selections, with plenty of time to spare to get the bets on.

For the purpose of the trial I backed the system bets only, to level stakes.

Which you can see how well they performed over the 30 day trial period

$5 Trial here

Day 30 Friday 18!th December

1 NBA WIN +$100 running total +$1520

To-date 30 wins from 46 system bets.

However, the profit would have been larger using Rich Allen’s recommended

staking plan as all losses would have been recouped.

Rich Allen’s staking plan involved a 3 bet system for each code, NFL football,

NCAA college football and NBA basketball. If you had any losing bets your next

2 bets would aim to win losing stakes…..see example below

Eg. Using $100 target.

If Bet A loses,

Bet B should have a target to win $100 plus Bet A stake

If Bet B loses,

Bet C should have a target to win $100 and recoup stakes from Bet A and B.

After a win or 3 bets you restart the sequence.

During the trial period, I believe we had 3 possible C bets and all won.

Couple of things to note……….

$5 Trial here

SBP uses Heroes Sportsbook and Casino, I will be joining as some of the spreads

I got on Betfair were slightly different. Just to clarify, SBP actually specified a spread

when backing teams eg. Chicago Bulls -3.5 but with all the different sports betting

websites you may find a better one.

Also, due to the time difference, the games are played eastern time (-5 GMT) you may

not be able to follow the strict sequence of bets if games are finishing when you are

tucked up in bed.

$5 Trial here

Just like to say a big THANK YOU to James for this opportunity…. I have gained a great

insight into how the pros work…….and Rich Allen is a pro….I will definitely add this service

to my portfolio.