Summer Soccer Predictor Final Review

25th July 2014

Summer Soccer Predictor

Sgt Short Reviews Summer Soccer Predictor

Hello and welcome to my final review. I will start as usual by reminding us of the system by reproducing the introduction.

“Let’s go win some cash” is the opening statement on the SSP website, what a good idea.

Now just starting it’s third summer season, having made 280 points profit over the last two years, is a service from Betfan run by a man with many years experience in the industry, lately as an odds compiler. If his name is mentioned, I haven’t found it yet but we are assured that he is THE RED HOT SOCCER TIPSTER who will do his best to make this the best year yet. The welcome email is in fact signed “The Summer Soccer Predictor Team”.

The service will run from April 2014 through to October 2014 and will specialise in the both teams to score and the over/under markets. There will also be other types of bets however, the main criteria being value. This year of course in addition to the summer leagues we will have the World Cup!

We are recommended to use a 200 point bank. A standard bet will be 10 points, but that may vary. We will be given a suggested points value and advised of the best available odds for each bet. We are looking for long term consistent profit, this is not a get rich quick scheme (shame).

As we do not expect bets every day, this will be a weekly review. I will post for the week ending on a Sunday each Monday. I will try to give you as much detail as I can, as you will need to decide fairly quickly if you want to join this year, you know how short our summers are.

The cost is £29 plus VAT (if applicable) per 28 days or a generously discounted £77 plus VAT for the whole summer. As this is a Betfan service there are normally no refunds available.

 The first thing to say then is that you have already missed half of it, but assuming it remains profitable I would fully expect to see a fourth season next year. I have just revisited the website but the payment options have not changed.


It is not easy to make money betting on football as we all know by now. I have seen several approaches similar to this one, where we are aiming at sensible, well researched bets at  just above evens and expecting to win over half of them. In fact our average odds over the whole period were 2.25, with the weekly average being remarkably consistent. Our strike rate was more variable, being as low as 20% one week and over 70% on another. There was an average of 8 bets per week, mostly at the weekends. My overall impression is that this is a steady and profitable service.


We finished on 90.60 points profit. Our graph took off in the right direction, and we never went near the baseline again. We reached 120 points a couple of times along the way but unfortunately finished on a losing week. 4 of the 12 weeks were losers. It is important of course when talking about profit in points to consider the size of the bets. The vast majority of the bets were specified as 10 points. If we were paying monthly this advice would have cost us £104.40 (including VAT), considerably less (£92.40) if paying for the whole summer in one go. We would therefore have to be betting at about £1 per point (£10 per bet) to break even.



The selections emails arrived every day in good time, whether we had a bet or not. All Betfan services are excellent in this respect. The bets were described exactly with no room for doubt. The author obviously has accounts with every bookmaker you have ever heard of (and probably a few you haven’t) and the best odds were quoted. In case you were still in any doubt there is a link on every bet to Oddschecker and Oddsportal to get you to the right place.



During the trial we were betting at over evens, and winning over 50% of the bets. I got the impression that a great deal of care and attention went into every bet, so I can see regular profits for this service in future. We did have losing weeks but never looked in any danger of not finishing in profit.



Our ROI was 90.60 points from 932.50 points staked which is 9.72%. I would call that good for a football service.



Support is available via Betfan, but the advice is clear and I see no reason for any problems.



Our Overall Is [Rating:3.5]

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Short Reviews Summer Soccer Predictor