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profit from systemsI took over the review of Profit From Systems on Day 40 due to the Commissioner being let down by a previous sergeant.

Now I have decided as you can purchase the Profit From Systems Backs and Lays separately on the Profit From Systems website for 35 pounds per month subscription each., or you can purchase both in a combined package for a discounted price of 55 pounds per month, to review each section individually. To my mind it is not worth purchasing the Backs or the combination as the only section that is showing any clear cut profit or living up to the claims on the site is the Lays. So after some checking of previous results which go back to only March 27th that this part of the service deserves to be given a passed and a 3.5 star rating, if it continues to do well in the forthcoming months it could be given a higher rating and also placed in a different section.

Now let’s get down to some facts since the review of Profit From Systems began on the 9th June the Profit From Systems Lay Service has produced the following:

Selections 182/155 Winning Lays – Strike Rate 85.18%

Average Price of Selections = 5.64 BFSP

Average Price of Losing Lay = 5.29 BFSP

Longest Winning Run = 33 (once)

Longest Losing Run = 2 (Once)

P/L for the Period = + 36.17 points

So pretty consistent figures and nothing to scary so let us see how it compares with all the results we have, which is only from March 27th:

Selections 362/305 Winning Lays – Strike Rate 84.27%

Average Price of Selections = 5.63 BFSP

Average Price of Losing Lay = 5.22 BFSP

Longest Winning Run = 33 (Once), 27 (Once)

Longest Losing Run = 3 (Four Times)

P/L for the Period =  + 53.20 points

As we can see figures are pretty stable and close to the current stats, on the Profit from Systems website it claims an average of 8 points profit per month at present that average is 10 points per month average. If a Lay system can make between 8 to 10 points per month that is considered pretty good, laying is definitely a medium to long term investment. Only one last breakdown to share with you and that is the monthly stats:


Winning Lays

Strike Rate


March (27th to 31st)



































No month with really heavy losses amongst the totals was 31 x 2 point bets these are selections that have been tipped by more than one system, how did they fare well they made 6.48 points profit from a strike rate of 80.64% so slightly down on the service as a whole.


Well with an average of just over 2 selections per day during the Profit From Systems review period and a profit of just over 12 points per month this service certainly merits being in the passed section, true 35 pounds a month subscription is not cheap but there is certainly more expensive ones around. The Profit From Systems service provided steady results no long losing runs and had a couple of nice long winning runs. If it was not for the fact I have only 5 months results to go on this could have been on an equal footing with BetfairMiracle which I have a lot of time for and use personally. I shall be monitoring this part of the service to see if it is maintaining its form over the forthcoming months.


Sgt Dave

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars


Profit From Systems Backs Final Review Summary  

  smallfailed Football Betting Tipsters Review Summary 

Hi Bloggers

    As you can subscribe to either the Back or Lay part or even the two combined on the Profit From Systems website, i have decide to split the Final Review in  to two seperate ones.

    This review will not take long unlike its Lay counterpart the backs recorded a loss over the 84 day review the stats are as follows:

Selections 627/120 Winners – Strike Rate 19.14%

Average Price of Selections = 5.40 BFSP

Average Price of Winner = 5.22 BFSP

Longest Winning Run = 2 (Twelve Times)

Longest Losing Run = 20 (Once), 19 (Once), 15(Twice)

P/L for the Period =  minus 51.15 points

   Quite simply if you had started with a 100 point Bank half of that has disappeared already, the website claims 15 points a month profit average so for September it would have to make 115 points profit to reach that target and compensate for the previous months as well. As you can see the service is unable to get a good winning steak together only managing 2 at any given time.

   One area that really done the service was the 2 and 3 point selections the stats are pretty poor:

2 point Selections 84/13 Winners – Strike Rate 15.48%

P/L during Review Period = minus 43.27 points

3 point Selections 19/3 Winners – Strike Rate 15.80%

P/L during Review Period = minus 12.85 points

Total P/L for the Period =  minus 56.12 points

    So the larger bets accounted for all the losses plus, even if you did not back these and allowing for the fact you would be 4.97 points in profit just backing the 1 point selections this is still well short of the 15 points profit per month average advertised and hardly justifies the 35 pound per month subscription charges.


  Another one bites the dust taking all the factors in to consideration I am giving this one 2 stars and it is another Jailed and Failed, soon the jail will be becoming overcrowded. For the Lay part of this service this is in complete contrast to this one and will be discussed in a separate review.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


Sgt Dave

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars