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Golden Soccer Star

Sgt Rob Passes Golden Soccer Star

Rating 3.5 stars


If you need to familiarize yourself with Golden Soccer Star, please click here for the introduction post.

The system targets 5 different bets overall.  I am going to refer to them as Bet A, Bet B, Bet C, Bet D and Bet E.   For the 5 bank betting, we back all bet types.  For the 4 bank betting, we drop Bet B and bet on the others.

The above may sound cryptic, but it’s not for me to give out any more information about the product then I need to.


Amendment To Results From Final Post

When writing this final post, I started a fairly time consuming process of checking and double-checking the results I had for this system on my Excel spreadsheet.

I have the following amendments to make :

i)  Credit of +9.50 pts (+£9.50) to both 4 bet and 5 bet banks due to not including the result of a game in the French Championnat at the end of November that finished with Bet A being successful

ii)  Credit of +20.00 pts (+£20.00) to 5 bet bank…I somehow managed to deduct 20 pts stake from the 5 pt bank for 4 games played in the Brazil Serie A (which was a league I was monitoring for my unofficial review).

iii)  Credit of +16.00 pts (+£16.00) to the 4 pt bank for the same reason as ii).

Therefore the final review totals are as follows :

5 bet bank : £1170.65 meaning a profit of £670.65 on the starting bank of £500

4 bet bank : £1199.50 meaning a profit of £699.50 on the starting bank of £500


Breakdown Of Results


LeagueBetsBet ReturnsBet ABet BBet CBet DBet E
Champ Lg11£18.52£0.00£0.00£18.52£0.00£0.00


This gives a breakdown of all bet returns (without stakes) per bet type.

For example, in France, we bet on 69 different games, and the bookies/Betfair paid us £1,351.35 – The columns for Bet A to Bet E then explain how that total is broken down.

LeagueBetsWin (5 bank)Stk (5 bank)P/L (5 bank)Win (4 bank)Stk (4 bet)P/L (4 bet)
Champ Lg11£18.52£55.00-£36.48£18.52£44.00-£25.48

This table incorporates Profit/Loss figures for both 4 and 5 bet banks…

For example, in the German Bundesliga, there were 64 matches bet on.  The 5 bet bank returns were £254.95 but we staked £320 to get them so had a loss overall of -£65.05.   The 4 bet bank returns were £187.20 but we staked £256 to get them so there was an overall loss of -£68.80.

Initial Conclusions?

Looking at the 2nd table, it’s clear to see that we only made a profit on 2 leagues, the English Premiership and the French Championnat.

The French results were undoubtedly aided by 1 huge winner of the Bet E type at 1000/1.

Some people may well look at this and say “but if you didn’t have that big winner, you wouldn’t have any profit” (or words to that effect).  However, the product tries to sniff out big winners and it found one here, so I am entirely comfortable with that.

So initial conclusion is profit of £670.65 on 5 bet bank and £699.60 on 4 bet bank is good.

Subscription Costs

The review took place from 18/08/2012 to 10/02/2013, just shy of 6 months.

The cost of the Golden Soccer Star product (back on 18/08/2012) was £69.97…this gave the user the information to manually find his/her bets.

There was an option of having the selections emailed to you – these were at an additional cost as follows :

Season Sub @ £169.00

3 Months @ £69.99

1 Month @ £29.99

I am happy that using any combination of the above options to cover the 6 month review period, and also including the initial product outlay, still leaves us with a sizeable profit for the review period.

Time Spent Finding And Placing Bets

Finding Bets

If you don’t have the selections emailed to you, you need to find them yourself.  Which means checking fixtures on a daily basis for the top leagues in England, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Scotland.  You also need to check for Champions League fixtures.

This can be a little time consuming…you need to check each match to see if it fits the rules and make a note of it…there can be an abundance of matches on a Saturday and the time taken to do it can depend on many things – user speed on the computer, speed of the computer you’re using and broadband speed are things that come to mind.   I would work on one league at a time and open up the games in different tabs (in batches of 3)…my computer seemed able to cope with this and you get into a bit of a rhythm after a while.

It is worth noting that you can work out selections in advance…e.g. if games are taking place on a Saturday, there’s nothing to stop you doing the selection process from the Monday beforehand onwards.

So considering the speed factors above may help you to decide if you want to opt for the additional expense of having the selections emailed to you.

Placing Bets

So now you have your selections.  All you have to do is now find your odds and place your bets…

I started off using both the 2 recommended odds comparison websites as well as BetFair.  However, one of the odds comparison websites wouldn’t load after about a month into the trial.  I tried different internet browsers, tried it on my mobile phone using different WiFi sources but to no avail.  It then reappeared briefly for a little while before disappearing off the internet completely – even Google can’t find it!
This site was oddsfinder, and it was quite useful for getting higher prices for Bets C, D and E.

Without this, I used oddschecker (as advised) and then used triobet to find prices for Bets C, D and E.   I then used BetFair to check the prices (with 5% commission deducted), and used the highest price I could find for each Bet type.

The time frame for placing bets is a bit more limited then it is finding the selections.  You need to have most, if not all, of the bookies having put prices up for the market you’re interested in.  If it’s a game on Saturday, it may not be until Weds/Thurs that this happens.

Another thing to consider is that you may well need a large range of bookies accounts.  From memory alone, I had BetVictor, Ladbrokes, Bet365, Sporting Bet, BetWay, Coral, Paddy Power, Bwin, Triobet and Stan James routinely cropping up.

Another factor is what you are going to stake…I did the review based on £1 stakes.  One reader said he could only place 50p stakes on the Bet E type bets, another reader said he had no such problem.

If you are placing bets at up to 1000/1 you need to expect to keep your stakes relatively low.


A Last Statistical Summary

The review took place from 18/08/2012 to 10/02/2013, a total of 176 days.  There were 87 betting days in that period.

The 5 bet bank started at £500 and finished at £1170.65, a profit of £670.65 representing a 134.13% increase on the initial bank.

The 4 bet bank started at £500 and finished at £1199.50, a profit of £699.50 representing a 139.9% increase on the initial bank.

In terms of ROI, for the 5 bet bank we staked a total of £2200 and won £2870.65, a profit of £670.65 representing an ROI of 30%.

For the 4 bet bank, we staked £1760 and won £2459.50, a profit of £699.50 representing an ROI of 39.74%.

Individual Ratings 

Profitability Rating: ★★★★☆

Ease Of Use Rating: ★★★☆☆

Risk Rating: ★★★½☆

ROI Rating: ★★★★½

Support Rating: ★★★★☆

Time Needed To Apply System Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Final Rating 

Taking the average of the above individual ratings, I pass Golden Soccer Star accordingly :

Rating 3.5 stars

If you have any queries, please ask away 🙂


Sgt Rob.

See the Golden Soccer Star sales page here…

Sgt Rob Reviewing Golden Soccer Star

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars


Golden Soccer Star – Days 83 to 87

Golden Soccer Star

Sgt Rob Reviewing Golden Soccer Star

Post Overview

We’ve broken through the 84 day review period for this service, so this is the last weekly posting.  A final review will follow once I’ve managed to put Excel through it’s paces 🙂

This post covers all bets for the period Monday 4th February 2013 to Sunday 10th February 2013 inclusive.

***  Please note this update also includes bets that were made on Sunday January 20th 2013 and Monday January 21st 2013 that were not updated at the right time ***

In this period there were 5 betting days.

These bets were based on the selection email sent by the vendor of the service and cover the English Premiership, Scottish Premiership, French Championnat, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Spanish Primera and the UEFA Champions League  –  where bets exist for these fixtures.

Over the 5 betting days, we bet on 39 games.

For the ‘5 bet’ bank, we are betting on 5 different correct scores per match, which means 5 pts staked per match.

For the ‘4 bet’ bank, we drop one of the correct score bets used in the ‘5 bet’ process leaving us 4 different scores to bet on, which means 4 pts staked per match.

All bets are at level stakes, and I will equate 1 pt to £1.  Prices stated for winning bets are quoted as decimal (e.g. 6/1 will be referred to as 7 or 7.0), are sourced from odds comparison sites and if an exchange price, will reflect a fairly standard 5% commission reduction.


The 5 Bet bank :

39 games bet at 5 pts per match = 195 pts staked.

11 winning bets were returned.

5 pt bank at start of review : 500 pts (£500)

5 pt bank at start of this post : 1173.15 pts (£1173.15)

Profit/loss for betting days 83 to 87 : = -32.00 pts (Profit on bets of 163.00 pts minus 195 pts staked)

5 pt bank at end of this post : 1141.15 pts (£1141.15)

4 Bet bank :

39 games bet at 4 pts per match = 156 pts staked.

6 winning bets returned.

4 pt bank at start of review : 500 pts (£500)

4 pt bank at start of this post : 1202.00 pts (£1202.00)

Profit/loss for betting days 83 to 87: = -28.00 pts (Profit on bets of 128.00 pts minus 156 pts staked)

4 pt bank at end of this post : 1174.00 pts (£1174.00)

Unofficial Results

I am also tracking results in the Brazil Serie A, Turkish Super Lig, English Championship, Dutch Eredivisie and Portugese Liga Sacres.

These leagues are untested by the vendor, and as they’re on the head-to-head comparison site, I thought I’d see how these leagues fair.

Please note results here will not count towards the official review of the product.  The official review covers the selections provided in the email.

I had 26 selections.

Betting 5 correct scores per match resulted in a loss of -19.50 pts (at £1 per point) with 8 winning bets.

Betting 4 correct scores per match resulted in a loss of -15.00 pts with 5 winning bets.

Overall in my unofficial results, for which I am on Day 83,  I am -363.67 pts for betting 5 results a game and -290.24 pts for betting 4 results a game.

Cheers for now,

Sgt Rob.

See the Golden Soccer Star sales page here…

Sgt Rob Reviewing Golden Soccer Star

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars