Total Football Trading The Underdog – Final Review

Total Football Trading The Underdog

23rd January 2012

Review Manager Rich Reviews Total Football Trading The Underdog

Rating 3.5 stars

Total Football Trading The Underdog, over a 12 week period, has achieved the following:

Profits take into account 5% Betfair commission.

I have done 28 trades, 18 have made a profit, 10 have made a loss.

Starting Bank £1,000

Review period total P/L +£93.65

Running Bank £1,093.65

This is a 9.3% profit, which is reasonable. The main downside is that trading opportunities are few and far between. It has averaged at just over 2 trades per week, although I have missed some Saturday afternoons. This however is not too bad because the Underdog system comes with nine other systems, so I expect you would monitor for underdog opportunities along with other trading opportunities.

To run Total Football Trading The Underdog, you need to monitor matches live in-play for the first half of matches.

During the review the basic stakes were a lay of £25 at maximum odds of 3.50, so the max amount of the starting bank needed for each lay was £62.50. There is a trade out point for either when the trade is making a profit or when it is making a loss. The max loss was -£50.25 with some other losses of  approx -£30 or -£20. The average loss was -£17.78. I was surprised that there were as many as 10 losing trades out of 28, but thanks to the relatively low loss amounts, the losses were quickly recovered by the profitable trades.

The max profit after 5% Betfair commission was £18.30 with the average profit being £15.08.

As you can see the average profit is not far behind the average loss. Therefore, with 64.3% of the trades making a profit, this explains why we made a profit overall.


Profitability: Liquidity needed for each bet was £62.50 – total profit was £93.65 – pretty good! 4 stars

Ease of use: Very easy 4 stars

Risk: surprisingly low 4 stars

Return on liability: Over 28 races the total liability was £497.84. £93.65 profit represents a ROL of 19% 3 stars

Support & documentation: The manual is clear, thorough and easy. Tech support wasn’t needed 4 stars

Time needed: A lot of matches watched compared to the number of trades obtained 1 star

Overall I give this a 3.5 star rating.

Rating 3.5 stars

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Review Manager Rich – Total Football Trading The Underdog

6th Feb 2012

Review Manager Rich Reviews Total Football Trading – The Complete TFT Package

Three of us have reviewed 5 different trading strategies in the Total Football Trading package. There are an additional five strategies in the package that we have not reviewed.

Total Football Trading weighs in at four hefty pdf files (a total of 11.5MB). It currently costs $77 and for this you get ten different football trading strategies.

Each strategy is described in detail as to trading entry points, exit points and likely success rate. Match selection is perhaps a little less detailed, but I believe a careful read of each strategy should lead you to the right decisions. Each strategy then has several real examples with screen shots of the trades, these help you to understand the strategy.

I didn’t mention it in the Introduction, but for the strategies, common reasons are given for why some people fail with each strategy – a useful feature, telling you how to avoid those mistakes.

It’s probably best to just take one, two or three of the strategies and concentrate on them, rather than trying to do more. So there is probably a total of several months of comprehension and testing of the material that you buy. This package is particularly useful for those new to trading and football betting. It is also useful for more experienced traders who might need a refresher course on the basics.

There are pre-kick-off strategies and in-play strategies. Obviously, during the trading period, whether it be before kick-off or in-play, you do need to be able to watch the Betfair (or BetDAQ) markets. So you will need to be professional about what you do and not allow yourself to be sidetracked.

It is not possible to say that any other user would have the same success that our reviewers have had, as individuals will make different decisions at different times.

Of the five strategies that we tested four of them made a profit and one made a small loss. For these reviews we tried to run each one with a comparable staking level and betting bank. In total the five tests made 436.15points profit which averages at 87.23 points profit per strategy to a starting bank of 1,000 points each. That starting bank proved to be more than enough to cover bets. Because you initially might be laying, you do need a sufficient bank to support the lay bet, but due to safety exit strategies, with discipline, this bank is never put under threat.

Overall the five tested strategies averaged over 8% profit in 12 weeks – better than any high street bank can give you. Please, however read the individual reviews, to realise that sometimes quite a lot of time is taken up monitoring matches. All the more reason to have a selection of the strategies in your armoury, so that you can apply one or more technique for the same amount of time in monitoring matches.

Profit is profit and regular readers will know that many, many of our reviews don’t make a profit! I would be amazed if any reader could not turn a profit using a selection of these strategies. So long as they are applied with discipline.

Bearing in mind that all three of the reviewers made a profit (with individual pass ratings of 3.5, 3.5 and 3 stars) and that there are five more strategies in the package, I think an overall pass of 3.5 stars is fair. Please note that one reviewer (Sgt Magnifique) thought an overall pass of 3 stars was the correct rating.

So overall I am giving Total Football Trading a 3.5 star pass.

Rating 3.5 stars

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