The All Weather Specialist Final Review

17th February 2017


George Foster - The All Weather Specialist Review


Sgt Stuart – Reviews The All Weather Specialist

My review of The All Weather Specialist has now finished and below I have given a summary of the results and my assessment of this service.

I’ve copied the table showing the profit for both level stakes and 1% compounding.

Level Stakes Start bank: 100 Points Finish Bank: 351.43 Points = Profit: +251.43 Points
1% Stakes Start bank: £100.00 Finish Bank: £995.79 = Profit: +£895.79
Stats Tips: 343 Winners: 89 Strike Rate: 25.95% Average Odds: 8.93 Avg Win Odds: 6.98

The service was straight forward to use. The selections are sent via email and normally arrived in my mail box by 11am each day. There was an average of 28.5 selections per week over the review period.

The 251.43 points profit and 73.30% ROI over the review period was very impressive. The strike rate was higher than the historical results although that may be as the review period covered the winter months that were also very profitable last year.


Ease of use
It’s a simple service and the only decisions to make are what stakes to use (level stakes or 1% compounding) and whether to place your bets early or take Betfair SP.


With the strike rate long losing runs are to be expected although the bank was never in danger.


Return on investment
As mentioned, the ROI over the review period was 73.3%, which is very good.


Support and documentation
The service is delivered via email selections. I contacted George Foster a couple of times and was answered promptly both times.


Time needed to apply the system
Very little time is needed to place your bets unless you wanted to place your bets just before each race but if you wanted to do that it would be best to use Betfair SP.


The All Weather Specialist is a simple, easy to use service that delivered excellent results during the review period. The strike rate and ROI over the review period were better than author’s results over a much longer period. With such a performance this deserves to be awarded 5 stars but having spoken to Paula we have agreed to give it 4.5 stars and assess it again after 6 months and adjust the rating if appropriate then.

Our Overall Is [Rating:4.5]

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Stuart Reviews The All Weather Specialist