The BetPlan Final Review

10th July 2011

The BetPlan

Final Review of “The Betplan” by Sergeant Karl

The BetPlan

Hello Bloggers,

The Betplan is a horse racing backing system which predominately bets on Horses at the top end of the market, it costs £49.99 a month, emails were received daily without issue, and the vendor was helpful throughout the review.

The logic behind the system is that we get early prices, so in essence we get the value, unfortunately however just because we got the value prices does not mean the horses will win, and as it turned out this was sadly the case.

Let’s look at our final results

Ratchet System (1000 bank-5% Stake. Min Stake £50)

Current Bank £265.39


Trial Total


Staked 159

ROI -10.18%

As we can see flat stakes pretty much failed easily, however that is not what the vendor recommends, he recommends the ratchet system, using a 5% stake with the min stake being £50. We can see that also failed quite badly, losing us over £700

I am not a fan of the min stake idea, as the benefit of a ratchet system is that in the losing runs you are protected slightly as stakes get lower, by having a min stake we are betting far too much on a small bank, at one point we only had 3 bets left in our bank pot, that is far too aggressive. I appreciate the flip side is you recover more quickly

During the review we never looked like winning, and to be honest it was almost always downwards.

The author said that there had been a data feed issue and that this was responsible for the poor results, the problem is that even after the “data feed” issue had been resolved we only really had one week where we had terrific form and got back to £600 from £170 but we then hit another bad patch where only 2 horses out of 9 won. I must point out that the author stressed that he did not expect me to let his reasons add any weighting to final review

It seems to become the age old problem with backing short odds horses, when the winners came they were not sufficient odds to undo the losses, you really need such a high SR% to make a profit at short odds, and the little blips can really hurt the bank.

There is another version of the BetPlan which uses a bot to check conditions, draw etc, which seems to be having more success that the stand alone selections, so there may be a re-review at some point in the future using the Bot version of the service.

The Betplan version i reviewed on this occasion has failed.


Sergeant Karl

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Sergeant Karl-Reviews The BetPlan