The Easy Back Method Review Summary

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I delayed writing up my review summary for a week as I wanted to monitor a further
week in the hope that results would turn around and that I would at least have been
able to recommend that the system be released on bail.

I have to confess to liking this system which reminds me so much of The Commissioner’s
own “Life System” where you are often backing unfancied horses based on the Racing
Post forecast SPs.

Unfortunately, the bad run of results continued for the additional week and a further
loss of 33 points would have been sustained if backing to level stakes and a further loss
of 4 points if using my suggested Stop At Profit/Loss plan.

The system uses logical reasoning to try and identify likely winning bets that are
undervalued primarily in the PLACE market, thereby producing long priced winners
although the system author does provide additional filters to reduce the number
of daily selections although this involves quite detailed research using Racing Post
Data and you would have to be a RP subscriber to carry out the necessary daily analysis.

However, I found the additional filters a bit cumbersome and time consuming and
really, if you want to adopt that aproach, I recommend signing up for the selection
service at £25 per month at The Betting School.

Membership will also give you other system selections as well as access to The Betting
School newsletter and various articles.

If following all selections, the main drawback is the sheer numbers of daily selections
( can be as many as 20+ each day) and long losing runs. Selections are easy enough to
find from the Racing Post and normally take around 20 minutes each day. The review
backed all selections in the Betfair Place Market as this is the approach recommended
in the e-book as being the most profitable.

The Stop At Profit of 1 net point or loss of 5 points each day was monitored for the last
five weeks as an attempt to reduce the impact of long losing runs and whilst results do
support this approach, the system still made an unacceptable loss during the trial (which
ran for 90 days). At best, I can only recommend the system for fun bets using minimum
stakes and a bank of at least 50 points that you are prepared to lose.

Based on the results achieved during the trial, I have little choice other
than recommending The Easy Back Method is placed in the FAILED category.

90 days cumulative P/L backing all selections was      – 53.87  points

35 days cumulative P/L using Stop at Profit/Loss was   – 9.42 points

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Sgt Jon