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The Evening Value Service – Final Review

Sgt Tony concludes his review of The Evening Value Service

Rating 3.5 stars

Hi All

Sorry for the delay in getting this final review to you, but I have been abroad suffering some Tropical storms (and even part of Hurricane Sandy!) which made Internet access difficult at best!


What better introduction to the The Evening Value Service than the notes from the author, Kieran Ward:

“I’ve been running the service for a small group of clients since November 2011 and I’ve attached a spreadsheet with all results on it. I hope you’ll agree that the results have been impressive. Selections will be delivered to members via email along with additional access to a members’ site. I believe I’ve built up a great track record of customer service and that (along with profitability) is always my highest priority. Hopefully, this will ensure lots of happy, long-term customers

The cost will be £37 per month (with a £7 for first 14 days taster) or £97 for 3 months access, which represents fantastic value.”

Kieran recommends using Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers, which is what the profit is based on. Although the Betfair SP has been noted on the Excel sheet, the profit has not been worked out using those odds.

As the name implies, the The Evening Value Service concentrates on evening meetings from Monday to Saturday (there is no evening Sunday racing in the UK). Kieran’s claim is that he can spot the value bets (where the bookies have over priced certain horses). He emails out around 10 selections a day, usually about 40 minutes before the evening racing begins. Once you have signed up, the website has a section for the latest selections, a comprehensive FAQ section and a spreadsheet showing all of the up to date results going right back to 16th November 2011. Since that date, up to 12th May, there were 628 selections with 122 winners, giving a strike rate of 19.42% and a profit of 174.40 points at level stakes (a 27.77% return on turnover).

During the course of the review, there were many days when there was no evening racing (in addition to the lack of evening meetings on a Sunday in the UK). This meant that in order to get in our usual 84 betting days, the review ran right up to 19th September.


I started the review on 1st June and used a level stake of £10 to represent 1 point. I started the review with a bank of £500 and finished it with a bank of £1,069.70 – resulting in a profit of £569.70 or 56.97 points at level stakes.

Over the period of the review there were 841 selections of which 18 were Non-Runners. This left us a total of 823 runners of which 122 won and 701 lost – a 15% strike rate. It is worth noting that of the 701 losing bets, 172 of them were placed. With many of these selections being relatively highly priced, the author may wish to consider keeping a spreadsheet of each way bets as well, as I am sure that this would make the system even more profitable.

Recommended staking plan:

Start Balance: £500.00

Total P/L: £569.70

Final Balance: £1,069.70

Level Stakes staking plan:

Start Balance: 0

Total P/L: 56.97

Final Balance: 56.97

With 823 selections and a level stakes profit of 56.97 points, that gives us a return on Investment of 6.92%.

The profit at the recommended stakes level was £569.70 but from that we must deduct the cost of the service (£97 for 3 months) which results in a profit of £472.70 over the period of the review.


It was really easy to use this system. Kieran sends out an email every day stating the approximate time that the selections will arrive in your inbox and then sends the email with the selections at the given time. The selections are also posted directly on the website if you have any problems accessing your emails. Kieran also gave good notice if there was not going to be any racing in the immediate future, to save you looking for the emails and the selections.

The support was excellent and my questions (sometimes dumb ones!) were answered quickly and efficiently. My only slight criticism is that the results are not always updated as quickly as they might be. In fairness, this is more of a problem to the reviewer than the subscriber, as I just wanted to check my results with his!


  • Profitability 3
  • Ease of use 5
  • Risk 3
  • Return on investment (ROI) 3
  • Support and documentation 5
  • Time needed to apply the system 5

So overall The Evening Value Service gets a rating of 3.5 stars.

All the best

Sgt. Tony

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Sgt Tony concludes his review of The Evening Value Service