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12th December 2011

Sgt Karl gives ExBookie a Final Review

Rating 3.5 stars

Hello Bloggers,

This is my Final Review of The ExBookie

The ExBookie is a horse racing backing service from the Betfan stable, which do a managed service for lots of other services, I have always found the customer service to be polite and helpful, tips arrived by email between 8.30 to 10.30 am each day, ranging from one tip to four tips, most are one point each way. Members can also check for tips on the member’s page of BetFan.

The ExBookie service costs are

£57 for 28 days

£114 for 90 days

We ended the review on a very healthy figure, I did just hold off the review as the service had a losing run that came to an end with a 28/1 winner which just undid the losses since the losing run started so we will stay with our final results.

We ended up at 101 points profit with a 29% ROI, not bad indeed and if you had joined the service when the trial started you would probably be very pleased, but of course we have to do a balanced review and look at the negatives, and there are some which need looking at.

The Strike Rate is low at around 6%. The service is betting on horses that will more than likely lose, if you need winners to come weekly this service is not for you, there will be times when you feel a winner is never coming, this goes with the territory of betting on high odds horses.

Since the service started the longest losing run has been 24 bets (there was a few placed bets in there) there was also a losing run of 23 and one of 22, you may find that too tough to handle and the 50 point bank looks a little light, I would feel more comfortable with a 100 point bet.

You MUST never miss a bet, if you are not sure you can get your bets on as soon as the email comes through, look elsewhere for a service, when I first started reviewing this service I thought the results would be so much better using Betfair, but it turned out the author has a good eye of odds being out of kilter, 95% of the time the odds at the main bookmakers were much better than the ones on offer at Betfair as we were betting very early before the markets formed.

That is what this service is all about “VALUE” many of the “experts” in this game will tell you that is what horse racing is all about, being on the side if value.

There is also scope for laying off your bets as it is not uncommon for odds to be shorter come race time, not always guaranteed, I did not have much luck when trying to trade back and green up on Betfair as previously mentioned the odds offered early on where almost always a lot less than what the bet issued at the bookmakers were.

My final concern came on the 20th October members received an email saying that the author was now opening a second service with Betfan, at the time I felt this was odd and having had a close look at this I feel members have been short changed here as I cannot see a great deal of difference in the services, and what is concerning is that since his other service launched the ex-bookie service has not performed very well, only amassing 18 pts since 20th October and had we not had that 28/1 winner recently it would have been in a loss making cycle. And then just to add more salt to the wound the new service is at number 2 in Betfans top 10 service list for profit.

I felt that I needed an answer to clear up the issue of this second service, and in the interest of presenting a balanced review I am happy to give you an answer from the author.

“ExBookie and Bet4mula are totally independent, one based on my personal opinion while the other is driven by filters and speed ratings. ExBookie hasn’t suffered because of the launch of this service but what it has suffered from is that since the flat turf season finished there has been a lack of competitive and sizeable handicaps in which I’ve excelled. This usually happens in the first months of the NH season and with better and more competitive races becoming the norm my form should pick up very soon, as well as the fact the NH form starts to settle down around this time too. Regarding the fact that had I not tipped a 28-1 winner subscribers would be losing since the 20th October, that of course would be true, but the fact is that I did tip that 28-1 winner and my subscribers backed it and they are in profit since the 20th October, just like they’ve been in profit every month since July when my service started since which I’ve accumulated a massive profit.”

I don’t want to end this review on any sort of negative, to be clear the Ex-bookie looks all ends up an excellent service; we have made a superb profit in a short while, the author really seems to know his horse racing and I have enjoyed seeing some nice high odds winners, always seems better than the obvious 2/1.

I am going to award 3.5 stars but with a caveat that ideally I would like to see members get selections from this new service as well.

The ExBookie is passed with a 3.5 star rating.

Rating 3.5 stars

Regards Sgt Karl reviewing ExBookie

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