The Full Circle  System  Final Review




Hi Bloggers

     Not going into great detail with this one the system is no longer available the sales page is down although you are redirected to Sportsworld Publication Homepage where a revamped version of the Full Circle is available called The Full Value but only as a telephone service, BST is currently investigating some issues encountered and if anything concrete is found you will be the first to know. So onto the 63 day review what can one say well a 14.95 points loss with 151 selections producing 31 winners this was split into the following:

  Selections Winners Strike Rate
Win Only 85 25 29.41%
Each Way 55 6 10.91%
Place Only 11 0 0%
  151 31 20.53%

  Most of the selections were win bets and the average price of those was just over 3.00 BFSP, one of the changes to the rules to on the website is to back all horses to win well that would have meant a further 17 points or so  loss none of the place bets won and only 6 of the E.W  won. The only good thing about this system it’s very easy to find selections but though this has performed better than alot of SWP products nonetheless it still lost money, and of course the product has been removed i  so i am going to give it 2 stars and put it in the Jailed and Failed section.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


Sgt Dave