The Low Lay – Final Review

The Low Lay

14th September 2011

Sergeant Rich – Reviews The Low Lay


A quick reminder: this service is a tipping service where you get one horse racing lay bet per day (occasionally there is a no-bet day). The recommended lays are sent to you by email. As the name suggests the selections are at low odds and there is a recommended maximum odds that you should not exceed.

Usually this maximum is 3.0 but sometimes the advice is to use a lower maximum that you should lay at. If the odds available on Betfair (or BetDAQ) are higher than the maximum advised, you can simply set a lay bet at the maximum and wait to see if your odds are matched. If it hasn’t been met by the race time you can leave your lay bet to go in-play. There were a few times during the review when our bets went in-play. But our bets were always matched at the maximum level and often we got a lay at lower than max. odds.

A disappointing final outcome. After an initial good start, the balance has been in decline for many days now. The starting bank of £1,000 rose as high as £1,431.50 on day 29, but has regularly fallen since.

The Low Lay Results

Forty-five winning Lay bets, twenty-nine losing Lay bets = 63% Strike Rate.

The strike rate is OK, but just not high enough for regular profit.

I did say in my introduction, that although the website shows regular profit over time, there was a period, where if we had reviewed it, we would have had to fail it. This may be another of those periods, but as it has lost money over the 84 day trial period, I have no alternative but to fail the service.

E-mail notifications of the tips has been regular and reliable and at least when we lay a horse that goes on to win, the losses are low, due to the low odds. So you are not going to lose money very fast, but also you are not going to make profits unless the success rate improves.

If you want to compare my results with the Low Lay website results, bear in mind my review started on the 2nd June and I’ve had a few no-bet days and missed days. The website reports to £100 stakes (which would need a £2,000 pot). I used a £1,000 pot and £50 stakes. The recommended bank is 20 points and 1 point stakes. So for my review I used 1 point equal to £50. See my Intro for full details of this.

The cost of the Low Lay tips is £29.99 per month. So for this review period  it would have cost about £90.

Summary of results

Starting Bank: 20 points £1,000

Profit/Loss: -5.79 points -£289.50

Cumulative Bank: 14.21 points £710.50

45 winning Lay bets, 29 losing Lay bets = 63% Strike Rate.

Total liability on all bets: 141.97 points

Average lay price: 2.92

Return on Liability (ROL): -4.08%

So a loss means that this review has to fail The Low Lay service

PS now feeds through to so it looks like the author is re-vamping his product although the Low lay tips are still coming through unaltered.

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Sergeant Rich – Reviews The Low Lay