The Pointer Software -Final Review

the pointer software

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Apologies with the delay for the pointer software review.

The pointer software will have to go into the neutral cat. Now while it did not set the world alight , it still made a profit albeit a small profit

I actually liked this software the short time I was using it, before I went  on the daily sheets . It started on a really bright note with some lovely winners, and was ticking along nicely before the owners decided to change the selection procedure to obtain less selections with with a higher strike rate along with a place selection service unfortunatley this did not work, and admitted they were wrong and for which they apologised. The place selections actually showed a profit 0f just over 9 pts over a period of 47 days . The pointer software win selections showed a small profit of 5.55 pts to Bsp. Now I was using the pointer software for another 30 days after the review ended and the profits did increase and it did end on a 12/1 winner    This was back at the original settings. Overall one cant help but think that there is little interest from the owners in this product as they seem to a lot of other products on the go at the moment and you only have to go to the website to see that the last ‘results ‘ are shown from the 17th June

The cost of the the pointer software service works out at £59 every 2 months or £37.50 per month and you also get a 14 day free trial to try out the pointer software. In order to have full use of the software you do have to be a full member or the Racing Post, which works out at an extra £7.50 per month

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SGT Brendan reviews the pointer software