The Snout Final Review




The Snout Final Review by Sgt The Graduate

What can I say?

First of all I must apologise that I am behind in my reviews with this site,but unfortunately my manageability has been hampered by the fact that my mum is critically ill so my last overview was on August 22nd.

The good news is that The Snout is easily the best Tipster/System I have ever come across.

First the figures.Forget about ROI,Statistics and all that palaver.Not interested.

I have money invested with a solid company and all I am interested in is how much is in my account at the beginning of the year and the end.

The same goes for betting sites and here are the facts.

If you had a starting bank of £500 at the beginning of our little adventure by August 22nd you would have £839.69.

I’m sure if you got in touch with Tipster Empire,they would give you an update.

But this is not the only reason I rate The Snout.

Every selection he makes is accompanied with a detailed explanation and if the results

go ‘tits up’ he doesn’t hide under a duvet but goes through a run down and makes no excuses.

This is how it should be.This is how we learn…..

Also,if needs be,he take a break here and there.

If you are disciplined and unlike me don’t make silly side bets on the side devouring any profits then this is the system for you.

I will personally be subscribing with my own shrapnel and carry own with this service as I look at The Snout as a sound addition for the

my portfolio.

I am now looking forward to catching up with another Tipster Empire pundit -The Architect.

The Snout is an easy 5/5 for me.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.

Sgt The Graduate Reviews The Snout