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I had been reviewing The Sports Investors Lay of the Day from February 16th to May 1oth, the service started of very slowly for the first 5 weeks and spent most of the time showing a small minus, from the 26th March the results seem to pick up and it looked promising in fact it had  its longest winning run of 11 during this time, so i let it run the full 84 days. Well the good results continued for around 4 weeks and to morning prices which is what the service recommends were showing a profit of 9 points, then on the 26th April it hit its longest losing run of 4 which completely wiped out the profit. Here are the results for the review period:

Morning Betfair Prices: 79 Selections/54 Winning Lays = 68.35% Strike Rate, P/L= minus 3.90 points, ROI minus 4.94%

BFSP: 61 Selections/39 Winning Lays = 64.10% Strike Rate, P/L = minus 1.60 points, ROI minus 2.62 %

Of course in my review i was working to the services recommended 5 point stakes so the losses would have been 19.50 points and 8 points respectively.  Now before the trial the only results we are shown on the website are from December 9th 2009 so we only have 2 months to check on and they are shown to the early Betfair prices:

Morning Betfair Prices (December 9th 2009 to February 15th 2010):

64 Selections/48 Winning Lays = 75% Strike Rate, P/L + 12.23 points, ROI + 19.11%

Now those figures are more like it but its only 2 months hardly time to make an informed opinion, if we joined the review figures with the previous 2 months its hardly impressive stuff lets take a look:

Morning Betfair Prices (December 9th to May 10th) :

143 Selections /102 Winning Lays = 71.43% Strike Rate, P/L + 8.33 points, ROI + 5.82%

The average profit on this for the 5 months works out at 1.67 points per month, so what does the service charge well as my introduction it was 295 pounds per year which is 24.58 per month, so in order to gain a profit of 8.82 pounds a month you would have to stake 20 pound per Lay, which is beyond alot of regular punters. To be fair to the service i monitored another week it had a nice winning run of 5 but then had 2 losers which meant that the Morning Betfair Prices showed a very small loss of 0.45 and BFSP took a bigger hit of minus 11.85 points due to 2 of the winning lays being over the odds and not being a bet.  So what are the good things about the service well most e-mails are sent out early in the morning and a brief description of why they think the horse will lose which is a good touch, the prices of losing lays are low working out at an average of 3.21.  I suppose the the fact that it is One Lay A Day not to many bets, but this could also be a bad thing because it is kind of obliged to find a selection even when maybe there is nothing outstanding that day, so you are not always getting the strongest lay, yet there could be a day when there is 2 or 3 good lays and they have to make decision on which one. When i first started the review the service was always updating its results on its website regularly, as of today the last time the results were updated was the 21st April and even then the last 4 selections have all the wrong dates, they also have Sinbad The Sailor down as Won it should be loss it finished 4th in its race, a little bit sloppy .

So what rating am i going to give this service, well i recently done 2 reviews of Laying system/services one BetfairMiracle(4 stars) i passed and the other Losing To Profit(3 stars) i put in neutral both had way better strike rate made alot more points profit and a way higher ROI, so i am going to award this service 2 stars. Just to sum up it looked a  promising service but failed to deliver during the review there is not alot of previous results to go on and even taken results since December P/L  returns were low and you would have to be a large stake layer to get anything out of it, you  clearly  need to have to have a strike rate  of 75% or very close, to see a reasonable return which it has failed to achieve.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


Sgt Dave

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