Victor Ramsey Lays Final Review

26th May 2016

Victor Ramsey Lays

Sgt Paul – Reviews Victor Ramsey Lays

Hello everybody, apologies for keeping you waiting for this one. Let’s start as usual by reminding ourselves where we started.

Here is the introduction again:

The Vendor

His name is Victor Ramsey and his passion is horse racing and backing horses to lose.

The System

This is a simple system, basically it’s backing horses to lose or laying horses on Betfair, Victor puts his lay selections together by using different sources of data and his own analysis from watching racing and he never lays above odds of 10.00. He doesn’t have selections every day but can have as many as 10 some days so because of this I will keep this review to a weekly one instead of daily.

His staking plan is to level stakes so for this review I will be using 1 point per bet so after betfair commission the total will be 0.95 on winning bets.

The review will last for 12 weeks.

Victor has been live proofing his selections to Tipster Index since June 2015 and in the 9 months he has had 8 profitable months and 1 with a slight loss, to break it down all together there has been 687 total selections with 588 winners and 99 losers which gives him a strike rate of 85.59%.


After 12 weeks of reveiwing this service it finished on + 46.00 points Profit to Betfair BSP.

To break it down he had 240 selections all together during the 12 week trial and 33 losing bets and 207 winning bets which gave him a strike rate of 86.25%

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Paul Reviews Victor Ramsey Lays