Win and Place Investment Plan  Final Review

18th November to 22nd January

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There is no alternative but to fail  the Win and Place Investment Plan.

The Win and Place Investment Plan comes with three suggested staking plans. The results for each of them, for the last three selections, is reproduced below:

Plan 1
Plan 2

Plan 3

Win Only Win
Win Place
Stake Bal. Stake Bal. Stake Bal. Stake Stake Bal.

(32 start)
(12 start)
(6 start)

(42 start)

1.00 20.11 1.00 4.84 1.00 2.35 2.00 3.00 16.73
1.00 19.11 1.00 3.84 1.00 2.56 2.00 3.00 15.35
2.00 20.42 1.00 4.49 1.00 2.80 2.00 3.00 17.38

As you can see they all produced a loss. Plan 2 is the one featured on the sales page and the results page. Backing the selections to win has reduced a starting balance of 12 points to 4.49 points. Backing the selections for a place has reduced the starting balance of 6 points to 2.80 points.

The strike rate for the review period is 54 selections, 29 winners and 43 placed (win or place). That’s 53.70% winners and 79.60% placed.

Compare this to the reported strike rate on the sales page of 132 selections, 99 winners (75%) and 122 placed (win or place strike rate of 92.42%)

As well as the strike rate being down, the odds (Betfair Starting Price) of the successful winners or placed horses were too low to offset the losers. The sales page has not updated the results since the 27th November, just after this review started.

I also ran a simple level stakes system 1 point bet to win and 1 point bet on a place. The results are as below:

Level Stakes for Win Bets

Cumulative P/L: – 7.51 points

Running Balance (100 point starting bank): 92.49 points


Level Stakes for Place Bets

Cumulative P/L: – 3.20 points

Running Balance (100 point starting bank): 96.80 points


There was a complication in that the document sent to me at the start of the review contained a discretionary rule for the selection process. This caused some confusion as to how this discretionary rule was applied to the reported results on the website. This was clarified with me by the publisher, stating that the discretionary rule about the number of runners was now cancelled. I don’t know if the document sent to purchasers has been amended to reflect ths change and I don’t know whether the reported back-dated results on their website includes or excludes discretionary selections.. A blogger on here (Hugh) has reported that his older version of the system had this rule about the number of runners as a fixed rule with no exceptions and he reported better success. If I get enough time I’ll go through my results and see how the results faired excluding races with small fields. But the Win and Place Investment Plan system, as currently sold, is to use the selections the system picks, even if the number of runners is small.

The Win and Place Investment Plan system costs £97 to purchase and with this you can find all the selections yourself, but you will need a printed copy of the Racing Post every day or the online subscription to Racing Post, which costs £17 per month.

On a positive note, the  Win and Place Investment Plan also includes a service to access the selections online, rather than running all the days races through the selection process yourself. The first three months are free, after that time the cost is £30 per month. During the review period, I found the online access reliable and the day’s selections were posted regulalrly by mid-morning.

To be fair, the review period included the bad weather we had before and after Xmas, when presumably form was unreliable. But for the review period and for the Win and Place Investment Plan as sold, I have to fail the system, I’m afraid.

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Sgt Rich- Reviews Win and Place Investment Plan

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