UPDATED FOR April 30th 2017!!! System Hits 12 Thousand Points Profit!

Hi Betting System Truths readers,

The Zero Risk Trader (ZRT) product was reviewed by Betting System Truths for 84 days, finishing on 9th November 2013, and was given the top 5* rating. The review has continued, using real, money since September 27th, 2013, in order to confirm that the product, over an extended period of time, is still a Betting System Truths 5* rated product. This extended review was due to complete at the end of September 2014 a full year after the review started using real money. However, we have decided to continue the review indefinitely.

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As you can see from the following table April 2017 was another amazingly profitable month. Because I work full time my weekday trading is limited to the evening meets and my weekend trading fits in with whatever else I am doing. Certainly, the profitability of ZRT is a function of the amount of time you can spend using it but the results are fairly impressive even when this system is used in your spare time.

We are updating this review every month from my OWN direct user results without using the software. This can all be made easier with the software option!

Over 12k points profit in just over 43 months! That is an astonishing £120,000 Pounds for just £10 stakes. For complete clarity, I have been using £1 stakes throughout my review which started in 2013…

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Month        Monthly Profit (points) Total Profit (points) 
Apr 2017349.3312,112.24
Mar 2017278.4511,762.91
Feb 2017337.8911,484.46
Jan 2017202.5411,146.57
Dec 2016448.4210,944.03
Nov 2016243.8610,495.61
Oct 2016645.2610,251.75
Sep 2016318.319606.49
Aug 2016278.469288.18
Jul 2016564.239009.72
Jun 2016259.598445.49
May 2016618.878185.90
Apr 2016494.547567.03
Mar 2016344.087072.49
Feb 2016503.986728.41
Jan 2016252.766224.43
Dec 2015411.745971.67
Nov 2015345.235559.93
Oct 2015111.905214.70
Sept 2015214.885102.80
Aug 2015387.554887.92
Jul 2015519.774500.37
Jun 2015177.343980.60
May 2015381.273803.26
Apr 2015433.213421.99
Mar 2015227.932988.78
Feb 2015116.652760.85
Jan 201571.972644.20
Dec 2014311.832572.23
Nov 2014294.652,260.40
Oct 2014183.881,965.75
Sept 2014235.441,781.87
Aug 2014167.641,546.43
July 201476.041,378.79
June 2014229.961,302.75
May 2014143.871,072.79
April 201491.45928.92
March 2014117.66837.47
Feb 2014129.81719.18
Jan 201466.96589.37
Dec 2013186.63522.41
Nov 2013207.07335.78
Oct 2013121.20128.71
Sep 27th 20137.517.51

My detailed staking plan was documented in my final report. For your information, I am using £1 a point for the purposes of this review but you could just as easily use £2, £5, £10 or £50 a point so just multiply my results by your stake and you can see your potential earnings.  So for the 6 (full) months up to the end of March 2014 ZRT had produced a profit of £837.47 for me personally and yes I am still to this day using real £1 money stakes.

The most often asked question by Betting System Truths readers in response to my review has been whether bookies will restrict or close the accounts of punters using ZRT. So far I have had 3 of my 13 accounts restricted or closed, the last one being closed over a year ago. These 3 accounts are the ones that have the most ZRT trades generated by the ZRT software and so losing them will affect profit and cause the existing accounts to be used more often. Any questions or help you need before investing in this awesome product just let me know below and we will be happy to help all our readers succeed 

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Sgt Flavell Reviews Zero Risk Trader