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Hi all,

I had an email from James at Tipster Empire, I will paste it below for you all to read:

DG Tips has resigned as a tipster at Tipsters Empire

I am writing this as shocked as all of you may be but DG Tips has
resigned as his role as a tipster at Tipsters Empire with immediate

​​​​​​​There is nothing wrong at Tipsters Empire,
there is no bad blood, it is not an unhappy ship. Infact quite the
opposite. Instead the Team at Tipsters Empire continue to strive to
be the best and work hard as a team to achieve this.

I have had little more than 24 hours to process this information and
I remain as shell shocked now as I was then.

DG has resigned not giving any real explanation.  He has given NO
notice period. He has not really said why. He is not prepared to
meet face to face. He has left you all high and dry.  As a company
who puts it’s customers first before anything else, I find this
totally dis-respectful to all of you.

Dave started with us 2 1/2 years ago and I have personally treated
him like my family. I have nurtured him, given him guidance,
supported his service to the tune of 14-16 hours a day and without
my expertise and business skills he wouldn’t be in the position he
is today with a closed group.

​​​​​​​I actually feel really betrayed as not one
ounce of loyalty, respect or appreciation has been shown to how I
have treated him since he started.


The business goes on as normal. The new website and text software
will still go live at JPW Racing Tipster and Tipsters Empire.

On the back of this news we will have to push it back until next
week. We will have new tipsters going live as well as our current
two tipsters. I will nurture these along as I did with DG Tips and
you will make very good profit.


Of course as I have stated above it is you the customers who we put
first and we will remain as professional as we have always been, in
any type of scenario.

Long before Tipsters Empire the very first site I created was JPW
Racing Tipster, 9 years ago and this is where this whole business

It was me who was UK Number 1 Tipster back 3 years ago and believe
me when I say I was making bigger profits than DG Tips is these

Over the last 3 years in growing other peoples services single
handedly and creating new Number One tipsters, I probably took my
eye off the ball.

Now the whole business has evolved and we now have an in house web
developer working for us, administrator and social media marketer, I
now spend 6 – 8 hours a day studying the cards.

It is really showing in my results and January we made 10 points
profit and so far in February we have made we are 23 points in

​​​​​​​With Cheltenham, Aintree, Punchestown fast
approaching this is my time of year and I am wide known in industry
as being the Cheltenham King.

We have made a profit for the last 9 years at the Cheltenham
Festival and the last 4 years we have made:

2017 – 23 points profit

2016 – 54 points profit

2015 – 42 points proft


I am urging everyone to consider switching to JPW Racing Tipster as
I now have the time to study like I did as far back as 9 years – 3
years ago. That was the period I was unbeatable in the industry and
I give you my word I will return to those days now I much more time
on my hands.

You could also consider switching to Architect Tips who is having an
amazing month with 21 winners so far and 18 points profit or
Speedbreed who is again is having a terrific month with 13 points
profit this month.


Of course you can get a refund if you just click on the button below
it will take you to a form where you have an option to switch or
take a refund based on time spent with DG Tips.

A note to everyone, if you take the refund this could up to a few
weeks. DG Tips is at full capacity and has hundreds of customers. I
will try to get through them as fast as I can but this whole process
is going to be very time consuming for our admin staff as you

I am sorry about all of this but just want to stress it wasn’t us as
a company who have not acted professionally here, it is DG Tips

I really hope you continue to stay with me and the team at JPW
Racing Tipster & Tipsters Empire as I am determined to show you the
real deal and where all this started from but whatever your choice,
I respect your decision.

If you have any questions please give us an email and we will do our
best to answer as quickly as possible. The inbox is going to be
pretty full so please have patience.

Kind Regards

James Walsh

JPW Racing Tipster Limited
On Behalf Of Tipsters Empire

We are as shocked here at BST as this was one of the best reviews we have done on a tipping service and we were a couple of days away from the final review which would of received 5 stars.

I’m sure DG Tips will start his own service along the line and we will try and get a review of it if possible.


Starting Bank £100

Current Bank £1665.86

 If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.