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Review Manger David Reviews Deja Vu Football

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I have been reviewing Deja Vu Football since November 6th 2010 to February 23rd 2011 this actually covered 84 days when we could have actually got a selection as per the heading Deja Vu Football  covers only the English, German and Scottish premier leagues so if none of these leagues had any matches i considered it to be a Non Betting Day. So what is Deja Vu Fooball? It is a service which provides 4 scores per match in the hope of getting the correct score, given the name the vendor must base his selections on previous matches between the two sides.  On to the review. Well  Deja Vu Football started off like a house on fire and was 107.15 points up by November 27th unfortunately this was as good as it got, because after that it has been in a state of decline this is shown in the graph below:

Deja Vu Football

With a poor performance in December and an awful February in between a smaller loss in January, if Deja Vu Football was a football team i think the manager would be looking for another job. You could say based on the monthly profit and loss that it was a review based on one good quarter and three bad but that would be a different sport so i have seperated the statistics into 2 halves and then the final overall figures.

First Half (Days 1 to 42)
Matches 68/18 Correct Scores = 26.47% Strike Rate
Now although that looks good we have 4 Bets per match
68 x 4 = 272 bets / 18 wins = 6.62% Strike Rate
Average Odds of Winning Correct Scores = 18.175
Profit/Loss = plus 55.15 points
Second Half (Days 43 to 84)
Matches 104/ 26 Correct Scores = 25% Strike Rate
104 x 4 = 416 bets / 26 wins = 6.25% Strike Rate
Average Odds of Winning Corect Scores = 10.88
Profit/Loss = minus 111.82 points
Full Time (Days 1 to 84)
Matches 172/44 Correct Scores = 25.58% Strike Rate
172 x 4 = 688 bets/ 44 wins = 6.39% Strike Rate
Average Odds of Winning Correct Scores = 14.12(rounded off)
Profit/Loss = minus 56.67 points
Longest winning Run = 5 matches (once)
Longest Losing Run = 13 matches (once)

So you would have staked a total of 688 points during the review period to make a loss of 56.67 points add to this a 45 pound per month subscription yard so based on our review period of nearly 4 months that would have  been  another 180 pounds to add to your losses. It has been mentioned on the comments section to this review that Deja Vu Football had a 81.00 winner in November also in this month it had a 50.00 correct score so we can only only imagine what kind of losses it would have occured without these to bolster up the numbers. Unfortunately for Deja Vu Football it could not get any further winners at the higher prices in fact the next highest was odds of 34.oo and that was in November too, as can be seen the second half suffered a lower strike rate, a lot lower average winning odds and a  hefty points  loss.  So to sum up without hitting the higher odds winners  more regularly or alternatively improving its strike rate Deja Vu Football will struggle badly, given the figures before me its a  clear red card for this one. It should be noted i found an additional 0.20 points when i went over all the figures again not that it makes any difference to the outcome but i thought i would just mention it in case anyone was wondering why 56.87 loss is showing on Day 84 and 56.67 points here in the Final Review.



Review Manager David- Reviews Deja Vu Football

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