Dynamic Racing Trends Day 80

23rd April 2016 



Sgt Paul – Reviews Dynamic Racing Trends

20th April 2016 Results

No tips were received on my email account today.

Profit and Loss Before Racing = +7.51 points Profit to Betfair BSP

Profit and Loss after Day 80 Racing = +7.51 points Profit to Betfair BSP


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James here owner of this review site… 

Having spoken with our reviewer the past few days, like you we never received the tips that day. Now because our reviewer checks the results of an evening it wasn’t until then they realised the tips hadn’t been sent as normal.

Tipster Index (of who we are in contact with also) is a 3rd party closed proofing platform and Graham who has been with them for a long time uploaded his tips as usual that morning. Their feeds will show the results for that day because he uploaded the selections… Now it is my understanding that 90% of Grahams members got the Tip email fine. There is some 12-15 members apparently that never received them. Our reviewer was one of them.

Just for your understanding we will not be publishing the days results that he had because we never received the tips that day… Its as simple as that. We are in discussions with Graham and Tipster Index and it is my understanding that Graham is asking Tipster Index to remove the results for that day as to keep fairness to all his members. So watch this space.

Please try not to jump to conclusions about there being anything fraudulent happening. Not everyone on the internet is out to get you. Sometimes these things happen and its how the mess gets cleaned up that is the ultimate deciding factor on truth and honesty.

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Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Paul Reviews Dynamic Racing Trends