GG Lays Final Review

18th April 2014

 GG Lays

Sgt AdrianC Reviews GG Lays

GG Lays is advertised as a low risk horse racing lay service, working to an average SP of 2/1 with one selection per day.

The service supposedly, advises on average 1 – 2 bets each day.

A betting bank of 50 points is advised for this service.

I have set aside £5000 to review this service and I laid £100 for each tip as all bets are based on 1pt liability per selection.  This is similar to what is shown on the historic bets.

GG lays failed to make profit in the last 56 days that I reviewed this product, so this goes in the Failed category.  The cumulative loss was £2242.  Many days there were no selections.  There were 2 days GG lays recorded a hat trick of 3 horse WINS.  The odds were not always low.  For instance, on 11th April

Wolverhampton 8.05 Dreams of Reality Horse WON

The bsp odds was 10.5.

Failed Reviews

 Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt AdrianC Reviews GG Lays