Hardcourt Heroes – Final Review

Hardcourt Heroes

February 11 2013

Hardcourt Heroes – Final Review


Hi Bloggers,

To recap, Hardcourt Heroes is a tipping service offered by a gentleman named Marcus Young where bets are sent daily via email. Hardcourt Heroes only recommends back bets in the moneyline (win/lose) markets, with two types of bets provided, straight bets and multiples.

The author recommended a 25-point starting bank to be more than sufficient to comfortably absorb the rare but inevitable losing run, and due the high strike-rate the author recommended if you want to place both the straight bets and parlays in one combined bank then a 25-point bank to start should still be more than sufficient.

To sum up, Hardcourt Heroes has been a disaster during the review period. I have stopped the review before the usual 56 day first hurdle as the 25 point bank had been exhausted. Not much more to say except burning up a 25 point bank in 47 days on mainly odds on bets is not giving me the vibe of being a good service. Nothing personal against the provider, he was prompt, courteous and up front about it, just didn’t produce the goods.

So altogether there were 107 bets, 56 winners for a strike rate of 52.3 per cent on the singles. This resulted in a loss of 16.9 points ($1,692). The parlays had 41 bets for 14 winners, a strike rate of 33.3 per cent resulting in a loss of 9.1 points ($911).

So sorry Marcus, we have to fail this one.

Start Balance: 25 points

Total P/L: -26 points

Final Balance: -1 point


Start Balance: $2500

Day’s P/L: -$2603

Running Balance: -$103


*All bets are recommended at level stakes from a 25 point starting bank.

* Odds quoted are the average odds available from a sampling of 20
bookmakers at the time the email is sent.

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