Horse Sprint Stars Final Review

26th May 2014

 Horse Sprint Stars1 Horse Sprint Stars Day 1 to Day 11

Sgt SUPMYLO Reviews Horse Sprint Stars

This service comes from the Steve Davidson stable of products and as the name suggests is a Horse Racing service where you simple receive the selections by email and use them on the win and/or place markets at BSP.

The service involves betting on selected horses to won and/or to be placed. Taking in consideration this feature the service can be used by anyone with access to internet and a computer. Of course you need to have an account with Betfair or other exchange or bookie.

The service is very straight forward and easy to implement. You receive the selections, open the race lists and find the selections, backing them to win, to be place or both.

During the 84 days of trial I have the following selections:

393 Selections

Winners: 58

Placed: 167

Concerning the selections we had an average of 4,7 selections per day, but taking in consideration that we had 8 days with no selections and one day where the only selection was a non-runner the real average selections per day is 5,24.

After 84 days of trial we had 14,76% of winners with average odds of 6.47. For the places we had 42,50% of placed horses with average odds of 2.91.


The trial had 2 different betting stakes, where for the winners we bet 1 point and for the place bets that was 2 points.

The winners betting since the beginning went on negative and only on day 30 went on a profit of 17,42 points due to a winner with odds of 29,47!!! After that the down curve shows again and it ended with – 30.41.

The place bets started well, getting on first days some negative results but after day 11 the results were good and at day 35 went to 163 points in profit. After that some of that profit disappear but it always stands on good profit, and reached at the end of the review with + 159,36 points.

Taking both betting schemes we end the trial with a profit of + 128,95.

So we have here 2 ratings, where the winners had no profitability, so failed. But the placed bets are very profitable and deserves 5 stars. Both in conjunction it makes for me a rating of 4  stars.



Emails always arrived in good time and the selections for the day very precise and clear. The selections have the time, race and horse that you must bet on for winner and to be placed. Very simple and easy.



Taking risk on consideration we have 3 different aspects where the winners bets get on red almost from the beginning and we have a lost that reached the maximum of minus 62,88 points on day 73. In my opinion this very risky and for some bankrolls could be very bad to have this figure in perspective. But after the 84 days we had a loss of 30.41 points, that in fact is less than that maximum loss but continues to be a lot for me.

Concerning the place bets we have only some days with losses and in global that losses went to the top total maximum of minus 7,70 points. At the end the profit was 159,36 points. For me it´s an amazing result. Here the risk was almost negligible. Hardly any risk at all.

To finish we must take a look at both bets in conjunction, and with that the risk is low and the place performance puts all in good shape.


Return on investment (ROI)

ROI for winners = – 7,74%

ROI for places = + 20,3%

ROI for both = + 11%

Our Overall Is [Rating:4.0] 

Support and documentation

Since the emails are sent always the day before and the information is very clear here we have 5 stars.

During the trial it was not necessary to contact the support. Everything was ok and, as I have said, clear and simple.


Time needed to apply the service

As this service is so simple to apply and it is resumed to receive the email, find the selections and put the bet the time needed is insignificant. If all the services and systems were like this one the life would be much easier!


 In conclusion this service has failed on the winners but no doubt that it has passed on the placed bets.

 Our Overall Is [Rating:4.0]

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt SUPMYLO Reviews Horse Sprint Stars