Odds On Ron – Days 58 to 60

18th November 2012

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the latest update on the performance of the Odds On Ron system.

I initially started with a bank of 100 points, staking 1 point per selection (using level stakes) and aiming to return c4 points per day (using the staking plan). After 57 days we were ahead by 16.2 points to level stakes, and 171.5 points using the advised staking plan.

Day 58 – 11th November

There were 4 selections today, and all finished just out of the places. 8 points lost using level stakes, 13.6 points lost using the staking plan.

Day 59 – 12th November

7 selections today. The first 3 again finished out of the places, so it was a relief when the 4th selection came home at BSP odds of 5.39 in a 4 horse race. Still a small loss to level stakes, but 4.5 points recovered using the staking plan.

The bookmaker’s website was down during the key selection period on 13th November, so

Day 60 – 14th November

8 selections today, and the 2nd came first at 3.53 Betfair SP, when we “stopped at a winner”. A 0.9 point profit using level stakes, 2.4 points using the staking plan.

Wasn’t able to make the selections on 15th to 18th.

Staking Plan:  Initial bank 100  Total Staked 951 points Profit 164.7 points  Closing Bank 264.7 ROI 17%

Level Stakes: Initial bank 100 Total staked 266 points Profit 8.3 points Closing Bank 108.3  ROI 3%

We have achieved a 20% hit rate on win bets (36 wins), and 47% of selections have placed (or won).

So not much of a week, with losses using level stakes and the recovery plan (the latter due to odds shortening).

See the Odds On Ron sales page here…

Sgt Colin reviews Odds On Ron