Odds On Ron – Final Review

Odds On Ron

20th January 2013

Sgt Colin summarises his review of Odds On Ron

Odds On Ron

Passed & Approved


Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the final review of the Odds On Ron betting system, a horseracing system which provides rules for selecting horses to win or place in afternoon races. Published by Paul Thistlewood, Odds On Ron comes on a “pdf”, and costs £32.40 (although places are identified as limited). The advertising says that Paul will actually send his selections for 3 months, so you don’t initially have to make selections although the review contained all of my selections.

Without giving too much away,the Odds On Ron service requires you to make selections by utilising a single bookmaker’s odds on races with up to 10 runners, placing win & place bets. The selection needs to take place prior to racing, but it is a “stop at a winner” system, using a loss recovery approach, so you need to review results and place bets during the afternoon. I also monitored the performance of the system using level stakes (albeit on a stop at a winner basis).

My review covers 3 areas: performance, ease of use and customer service.


First & foremost, did the system make money over the review period (84 days)?

Utilising the staking plan, which I modified in order to limit staking levels, I made a significant profit.  Starting with a bank of 100 points, I made a further 174.3 points, ending on 274.3 points. This was made on stakes of 1871 points, a return of 9.3% – a very healthy return.

On a level stakes basis though, the selections lost money – only 6.9 points on 388 points staked (minus 1.8%) – but an indicator that the selection process relies upon profit recovery staking, and reasonably short losing runs, in order to be profitable.

We had 48 winning selections, which made 115.5 points profit, whilst place bets made 58.8 points profit. We had 3 consecutive winning bets three times (remember we stop at a winner) – but we also had losing runs of 19, 16,14,13 and ended with an unbroken losing run of 11 selections.

If you had sufficient “chutzpa” to keep staking during the losing runs, you made money. It would have been easy to lose faith though!

Ease of Use

I found the selection process straightforward, although the manual is a little vague in parts as to whether to make selections in certain races and “stretch” the selection process. I made only selections which clearly fell into the initial criteria. Having said that, the selection process is so simplistic that it doesn’t appear to have a sustainable logic.

Although the selection process requires you to have access to the internet around lunchtime (otherwise it doesn’t work) it is the staking which adds complexity to the process. This is not a system for those who cannot bet in a disciplined manner, as the recovery system requires you to keep a record of performance after each race, and revise the stakes accordingly. You could only do that if you had access to the exchanges throughout the afternoon. Following a win, you also needed to make a decision as to whether you had made sufficient profit during the day to “stop at a winner”.

As a result, this is not a straightforward system to use (especially compared with a simple tipster service). You also need to be disciplined during losing runs – and ensure that you work within the constraints of your bank. Profit recovery systems only work if you are.

Customer Service

I simply accessed the pdf with the system on, so I had no ongoing contact with the vendor. However, two of the site members reported problems with obtaining the promised selections (having paid for them) and subsequently received refunds for the service.  The product itself is purchased via Clickbank and buyers are covered by Clickbanks 60 day refund so there is peace of mind .


 Final Thoughts

In summary then, a difficult one to assess. Firstly, the PDF system itself is very inexpensive, so if you had simply acquired that and made anywhere near my level of profits you would have been delighted. However, actually implementing the system is not straightforward, requiring access to the internet between 11.30 and 5.00, and a robust approach to calculating stakes and placing bets, and there has been adverse feedback from site members re the expanded selection service. The system relies upon profit recovery staking to make money – so you need to understand whether that suits your personality! Although I have doubts as to how robust the approach might be over time, the very positive results over the 84 selection days mean that the system passes.


See the Odds On Ron sales page here…

Sgt Colin reviews Odds On Ron