Profit Maximiser Week 5

1st January 2015



Sgt Colin – Reviews Profit Maximiser

Hello all, this is my review of the fifth week  (and a bit) of operating the Profit Maximiser service (PM).

Still following the suggested approach, which is to concentrate on the bookmaker offers. i will be having a look at the spreadbetting opening bonus in the next week or so- although the options are reduced by already having an existing account open. i moved on to some of the casino offers – but with no success so far.

So after 4 weeks I had made £769. This week continued to see offers from Bet365 and others on the football – and as a result of these my gains now stand at £916. I have been able to withdraw some of this to fund other openings / reinvestment. Of this gain £393  is from opening offers, so the majority has come from ongoing offers. I’ve split these into 2 – free bet and speculative (such as “money back if 2nd”). The former have been most lucrative,£451 up,  but take some time and effort to comply with. The speculative offers have been profitable to date too. However, I’ve lost money on the casino offers to date – you need to be careful as to when you use bonus & “real” funds – and I’m currently over £30 down.

This remains pretty time consuming, but the service continues to highlight numerous opportunities. Whilst it’s nowhere near as easy as receiving a tip and backing or laying it, it continues to generate strong profits, with the certainty of more to come.

Opening bank: £1000

Gain to date: £916

Closing bank: £1916

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed Christmas and have a very Happy New Year

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Sgt Colin Reviews Profit Maximiser