Smart Soccer Trading – Introduction

Smart Soccer Trading

20th October 2012

Sergeant Lucian – Introduces Smart Soccer Trading

Hi Bloggers,

Smart Soccer Trading is relative new on the market and the product is from Steve Davidson stable. Michael has put together a lot of trading strategies in order to operate on all type of matches.

As the name says this is a trading strategy collection split into three sections: Introduction, Gold and Premier.

First of all from all traders experience, discipline is the key, without discipline trading will cause big losses. Even if a strategy is low or high profit discipline will make the difference.  The price for full package is 99.99 pounds and I consider this as a reasonable price for a full trading course.

From the start I have looked at the selection strategies for trading matches. The videos present simple rules of selecting matches for trading and I consider this is the way to start. This is a crucial point on a trading day with the matching selections, expectation of bookies for that matches and personal analysis.

Perfect trading  does not normally involve the full soccer match, in most cases before the finish the trade has been completed and a profit secured or stop loss strategy has kicked in  to make the losses as low as possible. Yes, the  second important thing in trading is stop loss strategy.  Without stop loss strategy or a cover bets strategy huge losses can hit the trading bank.

Before i present all these packages I want announce that all the intro is for non trading user or for beginners in trading. I consider this is the right way to present Smart Soccer Trading, because the goal of this product is to offer a complete trading package from start to complex trading strategies.

Smart Soccer Trading Introduction Package – covers the basics before trade successfully and the price is at £29.99.

  1. How To Plan Your Trading Day
  2. Trading Softwares
  3. How To Use Auto Calculate an what if features.
  4. Football Calendar
  5. Liquidly Issues
  6. Which Websites to use
  7. Horse Trading v Soccer Trading
  8. Factors that Influence Soccer (beyond your control).
  9. Understanding Different Soccer Market (within the same game).
  10. Maximize your Profit, Minimize your Losses
  11. Understanding Asian Handicap
  12. Lay the Draw & Correct Score Trading Strategy

This strategies with 2 hour and 30 minutes of videos content explained steps before the trade. As I said the discipline is the key and the package start with planing the trading day. Not every day is a trading one. Trading is all about liquidity and the match must be selected from high liquidity markets. Also there are a lot of infos about trading, factors, site to use, trading software and one trading strategy.

Smart Soccer Trading Gold Package – this is stage 2 and content 7 trading strategies and the price is at £59.99 and include the intro.

  1. Under 2.5 goal and first Goal Market.
  2. Buying High & Selling Low
  3. Halftime 0-0 and Fulltime 0-0
  4. Halftime 0-0 and Fulltime 0-0 (with a stop loss)
  5. Halftime Score Market, with under 2.5 if scoreline is 0-0
  6. Halftime Score Market,with under 2.5 if scoreline is 0-1(with goal)
  7. Lay The Draw & Cover All Draws

This 80 minutes package not only present trading strategies also present the exit strategies for each when the game move against.

Smart Soccer Trading Premier – comes with another 6 strategies and the price is £99.99 and includes gold and intro.

  1. Any Unquoted Correct Score Strategy
  2. Any Unquoted Correct Score Strategy with safeguard.
  3. Under 2.5, and Correct Score markets
  4. Underdog leading at halftime
  5. Both Teams to Score & Correct Score
  6. First Goal 0-10 Minutes

I’ll use for this review only one bank of 1000 points. The videos presents trades with small value trades in order to show that trading can be started with a low bank around 500. Trading normally require a lot of time, and for success this is a full time job. This package take the user from beginning to full time job if the user want this. Of course trades can be made few times on a week and this is great if profit comes.

The review will be for 8 weeks, and maybe will be an extended period if will be necessary. I’ll try to cover all strategies in this 8 weeks. As I said strategies are used on certain conditions .

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Lucian – Introduces Smart Soccer Trading