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Sgt Colin reviews Tennis Picks

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Hi, Sgt Colin here, with a rather belated final review of Tennis Picks, which as the name suggests is a tennis tipping service. The tips are provided by David Stevens, who identifies himself as having been a tennis trader for over 15 years, having played at a high level as a junior.

Selections are e-mailed to subscribers between 10 a.m and 12.00 GMT each day, with recommended bookmakers to use (he recommends Betfair, Pinnacle Sports & Bet365). Occassionally I reviewed whether better odds are available using other bookies too.

The service is available on a 14 day trial, but then costs £97 per month, £257 for 3 months or £457 for 6 months. So not a cheap service – did the results support the cost?

My final review covers performance, ease of use & customer service.

1.                Performance

I monitored performance using a recommended 500 point opening bank, with staking levels as a proportion of the bank. I also monitored performance on a level stakes basis (1 point bet starting with 100 points bank).

My review covered 3 months from 15 April to 11 July.

Using the recommended staking plan the review was profitable, generating a 101 point profit (20% uplift on the opening bank). The hit rate was 54%.




However, there are a few points to note:

–          We placed bets totalling 2317 points to make that gain, that’s a return of 4%

–          The level stakes performance showed a virtual breakeven position – a small loss from 182 bets.

–          The final 2 months bets broke even (effectively all of the gains were made in April / early May)

–          Maximum bank – 671 points on 1st July, Minimum 452 points on 11th June.

To cover the cost of the service for 3 months, using the staking plan, you would have needed an opening bank of £1,275 and therefore be willing to place individual bets of up to £65.

2.                Ease of Use

Simple to use – it’s a tipping service. You just need to work out your staking level based on the closing bank from the previous day.

3.                Customer Service

This was good. E-mails were received on time, and an initial problem with access was resolved quickly. Access to the website was also effective – so if an e-mail were to go astray, the tips could be accessed there.

Note that the results are published on the “Tennis Picks” website, and were an accurate reflection of my review figures. You will note from them that the service has been treading water over the last few months having made a blistering start.

4.                Final thoughts

Tips were received every day, and outside the majors (we covered the French & Wimbledon) consisted almost entirely of mens tennis selections. This is clearly his area of expertise.

I was rather concerned of the apparent need to come up with at least one bet each day – rather than deciding there were no value bets to be had. For example, on 9 days during the trial single, minimum strength bets were placed. Almost invariably these lost, and adversely affected returns by over 50 points.

So a positive result from the trial, with profits made, albeit only if you used the staking plan. Customer service was good, and the results posted online appear to be an honest & accurate reflection of the service. 


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Sgt Colin reviews Tennis Picks