TFT Gold Silver and LTD – Final Review

TFT Gold Silver and LTD


Sgt Magnifique reviews TFT Gold Silver and LTD

TFT Gold Silver and LTD

12 weeks of the trial are gone and it’s time to see what we’ve got at the end.


Two of the strategies (Golden Goal and Silver Goal) turned a profit, and one (LTD) showed a loss. The final figures are:

Gold  +94.5 pts (to 30 pts stakes) in 30 matches
Silver  +148 pts (to 30 pts liability (20 pts stakes)) in 41 matches
LTD  -23.45 pts (to 30 pts stakes) in 18 matches

P/L on all three: +219.05

As you see, the profit figures are nowhere near big. Looking at a number of matches, you might want to ask if it’s worth at all, and this would be a good question. The results are suggesting:

Gold  +3.15 pts per match (10.5% of the initial stake)
Silver  +3.6 pts per match (8.8% of the initial stake)
LTD  -1.3 pts per match (-7.22% of the initial stake)

Not bad actually for the first two, but bear in mind that both are betting rather than trading. If they were trading systems, the results would be looking a lot better.

Another issue I have is that I feel a longer distance is needed. 20-30 matches is clearly not enough to judge how well a system performs. This is especially related to LTD.

2 out of 5

Ease of use:

Pretty straightforward rules, haven’t encountered any difficulty following them. However, match selection is very subjective at times and unfortunately this is 80% of what determines your results, even though the manual gives good guidelines. LTD possesses the least subjectivity, Golden Goal goes after it and Silver Goal seemed the most subjective.

4 out of 5


None of the three banks had a danger of suffering substantial losses. The advice to use 3% per bet/trade makes it quite safe to use the strategies. The only way to lose a lot is to be bad or unlucky at match selection.

3 out of 5

Return on investment (ROI):

Gold  10.5%
Silver  14.35%
LTD  -4.35%

Since the odds you make your lays at are low, the figures look ok, but not really impressive.

3 out of 5

Support and documentation:

Manuals contain clear descriptions of what, when and why you should do, but there’s a problem common to a lot of football betting/trading manuals – selections of matches depends on you a great deal. I feel the guidelines on this could be more exact.

Can’t say anything of support as I didn’t need it during the trial.

3 out of 5

Time needed to apply the system:

Although you bet during 2nd half only or at half-time you need to monitor games for potential qualifiers. With some of those strategies you also need to watch the translation of the 2nd half. Unfortunately, you can’t pick your potential selections beforehand – the opportunities may appear or may not appear in a game. It’s not as time-consuming as some other football strategies, but not a minute work either.

2 out of 5

All in all, the strategies are not bad, but I would recommend using them as a part of a little systems portfolio. This way they are worth a go, otherwise probably not – too much time and effort for modest returns. Besides, I think they need to be modified. The LTD strategy, the most straightforward of all (the one that I followed letter to letter), gave the worst result, while Silver Goal, the most subjective one, showed the best. I guess, is the reason behind it is match selection. A person with different view could have picked different games. This could be eliminated by a number of new strict rules, but it is as it is for now.

Please, bear it in mind if you want to try out the strategies. Overall I give TFT Gold Silver and LTD 3 stars out of 5.

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Sgt Magnifique reviewing TFT Gold Silver and LTD

6th Feb 2012

Review Manager Rich Reviews Total Football Trading – The Complete TFT Package

Three of us have reviewed 5 different trading strategies in the Total Football Trading package. There are an additional five strategies in the package that we have not reviewed.

Total Football Trading weighs in at four hefty pdf files (a total of 11.5MB). It currently costs $77 and for this you get ten different football trading strategies.

Each strategy is described in detail as to trading entry points, exit points and likely success rate. Match selection is perhaps a little less detailed, but I believe a careful read of each strategy should lead you to the right decisions. Each strategy then has several real examples with screen shots of the trades, these help you to understand the strategy.

I didn’t mention it in the Introduction, but for the strategies, common reasons are given for why some people fail with each strategy – a useful feature, telling you how to avoid those mistakes.

It’s probably best to just take one, two or three of the strategies and concentrate on them, rather than trying to do more. So there is probably a total of several months of comprehension and testing of the material that you buy. This package is particularly useful for those new to trading and football betting. It is also useful for more experienced traders who might need a refresher course on the basics.

There are pre-kick-off strategies and in-play strategies. Obviously, during the trading period, whether it be before kick-off or in-play, you do need to be able to watch the Betfair (or BetDAQ) markets. So you will need to be professional about what you do and not allow yourself to be sidetracked.

It is not possible to say that any other user would have the same success that our reviewers have had, as individuals will make different decisions at different times.

Of the five strategies that we tested four of them made a profit and one made a small loss. For these reviews we tried to run each one with a comparable staking level and betting bank. In total the five tests made 436.15points profit which averages at 87.23 points profit per strategy to a starting bank of 1,000 points each. That starting bank proved to be more than enough to cover bets. Because you initially might be laying, you do need a sufficient bank to support the lay bet, but due to safety exit strategies, with discipline, this bank is never put under threat.

Overall the five tested strategies averaged over 8% profit in 12 weeks – better than any high street bank can give you. Please, however read the individual reviews, to realise that sometimes quite a lot of time is taken up monitoring matches. All the more reason to have a selection of the strategies in your armoury, so that you can apply one or more technique for the same amount of time in monitoring matches.

Profit is profit and regular readers will know that many, many of our reviews don’t make a profit! I would be amazed if any reader could not turn a profit using a selection of these strategies. So long as they are applied with discipline.

Bearing in mind that all three of the reviewers made a profit (with individual pass ratings of 3.5, 3.5 and 3 stars) and that there are five more strategies in the package, I think an overall pass of 3.5 stars is fair. Please note that one reviewer (Sgt Magnifique) thought an overall pass of 3 stars was the correct rating.

So overall I am giving Total Football Trading a 3.5 star pass.

Rating 3.5 stars

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