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09 February 2014

 Win Bet Profits

Sgt Short – Reviews Win Bet Profits


Win Bet Profits is a service by Dean Rayer. His website promises a system capable of generating Thousands of Pounds per month. He does this by picking up 15 different sets of statistics from various places for each horse running today, and crunching them through his own software to produce a ranked list of likely winners. This is all done at 10am and takes only a minute or so. He then advises the top eight horses as win bets.

The service costs £59.96 (£49.97 + VAT) for 28 days or £119.96 (£99.97 + VAT) for 90 days. He says he will only accept 300 members.

Having signed up I received a welcome email. It advised me that I will need a 250 point bank, and that each bet will be a 3 point win bet. It says that I may receive 1 to 10 bets on an average day, although the website specifies 8. I am also advised to open as many bookmaker accounts as possible, and to use oddschecker to find the best odds. Dean supplies the best available odds with his selections, so I will be using the advised figures to report on so that we do not have any confusion.

Since this is standard bets at level stakes it would be perfect for a bot, so I will also check the BSP to see if we could do better.


The first thing I would like to say is that if you are betting 3 points on every selection, then you may as well call it 1 point and make it 3 times bigger. I have followed the instructions however and counted it as described. We had 8 selections per day and therefore we were betting 24 points every day, this may put some of the following figures into context.

This turned out to be a trial of two halves. We started brilliantly with the graph going almost straight up to a high of over 75 points at day 12 and staying there for about a week. Then we had a complete reverse and went nearly all the way back to zero. During this time Dean had been sticking to his plan of picking the most likely winners, even if they were at very low odds.

Day 39 was the turning point, we had 4 winners out of 8 but still made a loss. Although it was not mentioned (there was never any comment of any kind, just the selections) the next day he obviously added another filter, and we never had another selection at under 3.00 decimal. This made winners harder to find, we have since had 4 complete wipeouts of -24 points, but rewarded us properly when he got it right, in the same period we had 4 days of profits over 30 points, and a top scoring day of 36 points on day 57. The only time we had selections with odds in double figures was on day 84, when there was only 1 meeting. During the second half the graph was darting over and under the break even line for most of the period.


We finished on 43.08 points profit, staying in positive territory for the last 20 days of the trial, but on day 80 we were on only 7.08 and a good finish maybe flattered us a little. Had we bought the 3 month option at £119.96 we would have to be betting at about £2.78 per point, or £8.34 per selection, or £66.72 per day to break even. [rating:3.0]


The selections email arrived each morning between 10.00 and 11.30. There was not a single problem with this as I have come to expect from Winning Information Network, who seem to make sure that their services are always reliable at least in terms of delivery. I received the full eight selections every day except two, when racing was very badly affected by the weather. The instructions were clear and precise, and the suggested odds were nearly always available. [rating:4.0]


Although it seems we have left the really short priced selections behind for good, we are still betting on favourites or second favourites most of the time, so I do not see much danger of wiping out our 250 point starting bank. Our worst losing period by far was 9 consecutive days during which we lost nearly 64 points, this was around the time of the changeover described above. Since then our worst losing run was 4 days, the same duration as our best winning run. During the trial we made 657 bets of which 234 were winners, a strike rate of 35.62%. [rating:3.5]


Our ROI was 43.08 points on 1,971 points staked which is 2.19%.

Although a profit is a profit, I would have to say that this is not enough. 



When I wrote the introduction for this trial I quoted the Win Bet Profits website, which turned out to be a little misleading. This was pointed out by one of our readers and I had to issue a clarification. At the time this was picked up by Winning Information Network, who said that they would update the website accordingly. This has not been done, and the website looks even more out of date showing only results from June to August 2013.

After the initial instructions there was no contact or comment of any kind other than the selections email, which had links to Winning Information Network if any assistance was required.  [rating:3.0]


The selections email arrives in the morning on the day of racing, so you must be able to deal with it then. There are 8 bets to place, all win bets for the same stake, so it should not take long. Accounts with all of the BOG bookmakers and access to Oddschecker will help to get the best results, as with most services, but is not essential. I compared the odds on Betfair each day, although not in detail. My impression generally was that there would not be a big difference on average if you used only Betfair. [rating:4.0]

Cumulative RATING

Win Bet Profits is an honest and straightforward service which has made a profit during the trial, and therefore gets a pass, but in my view it has not performed well enough for a whole-hearted recommendation. 


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Sgt Short Reviews Win Bet Profits