Win King Final Review

12th April 2017
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Sgt Frog – Reviews Win King

Product Outline

Win King has been proofing with Bet Kudos since September 2016, all their tips are straight back bets and the email arrives before noon on the day. Unlike most of Betfan products the stakes vary for each bet between 1 – 5 points.

Cost of Service

The cost of the service is £30.00 for 28 days or £75 for 90 days. You must bear in mind though they don’t offer a money back guarantee, Betfan say they look into refund requests but that doesn’t guarantee you will get one.


Starting with 250 point bank and using stakes based on what was suggested each day, I monitored result from 12th January 2017 to
11 April 2017. The result is calculated based on advised odds.

Starting Balance(point): 250
Staking(point): 763
Gain(point): 142.13
Closing Balance(point): 392.13
ROI: 18.6 %
32.5 % Strike rate overall, 111 Winner from 341 bets.
longest winning streak(day): 8 days
longest losing streak(day): 5 days


 Overall as tipping services go this is definitely one of the better ones I have seen. The tips were sent daily with advised odds which I have used in the summary but I was contacted by Bet Kudos numerous times to say I hadn’t taken BOG prices. so the overall profit would of been more if I had used BOG prices. This was my first review with Betting System Truths so I am still learning the ropes.
Win King has an impressive strike rate, most bets were on shorter priced horses although he did have 1 or 2 bigger price winners, he does seem to know what he is doing.
Even if you was using £1 a point your profit for the 3 months would be £142.13 then minus your 3 months subscription would still leave you with £67.13 profit so imagine if you used £10 a point that would be an impressive £1346.30 profit after subscription costs.
 I’m giving Win King a 4 stars rating as the profit shown at the end of the review was very good.
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Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Regards, Sgt Frog

Sgt Frog Reviews Win King