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Flat Ratings Pro – Day 11

10 January – Day 11

All four selections in today’s race were matched today, with the winner being matched at 4.8.

This produced a small profit of 0.76 after deducting 5% commission from Betfair. This is still a win and adds to the fairly healthy returns from the last few betting days.

Running Bank after Day 11 = 116.86 points (plus 16.86 points)

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Sergeant John

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Getfair Racing System – Day 26

Hi Constables,

January 8th:

Sandown 13:00 Silver Gypsy LAY @ 3.80 LOST (+0.95 Points).

Total For Today: +0.95 Points.

Cumulative Total For The Trial: -0.83 Points.

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars