Ratings Explained


Hello Everyone,

Here at bettingsystemtruths.com our aim is to give our readers the best possible reviews and analysis of betting products and service’s available on the internet.

We do this in an attempt to not only save you money, by avoiding the cost of purchasing something that almost certainly wont work, never mind the losses that may be incurred when following them, but also to try and help make your investing profitable.

It is universally understood that this is far from an exact science, but we do our best to deliver, honest, transparent and factual reviews, along with our assessment and rating of a product or service.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the way in which we conduct our reviews, and this is the current policy.

All reviews are conducted for a minimum of 56 betting days, so any days where there are no selections do not count towards the review. If a product or service is looking promising at the 56 day stage, then we will extend the review to 84 betting days.

In the case of a product or service that we only expect to see action maybe only once or twice a week, some football services fall into this category, then we will go straight to a 12 betting weeks review period.

It is a review policy that we will quote all profit/loss results to a 1pt level stake, as well as any recommended staking plan from the author/vendor.

Once the review period is concluded, our reviewer, in conjunction with the Review Manager, will agree a rating for that particular product or service, and publish their final review summary.

The final rating is arrived at by looking at a range of criteria, some of the most important being:

1.   Did the product or service return a profit during the review period? Naturally this is the main criteria, but it does not always pay to simply look at that in isolation. For example, how much did you have to stake overall to achieve that profit, what were the size of the stakes if following a staking plan? There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when analysing profit/loss returns, so wherever possible we try to show the ROI (Return on Investment). This is a measure, in percentage terms, to show the return during the review period.

For example, if during the review period we achieved 50pts profit, and to do so we have invested a total of 500pts in stakes, this would represent a 10% return on investment. If however we had had to invest say 5000pts to achieve that same 50pts profit, that would mean a ROI of just 1%. An extreme example perhaps, but you get the idea, you may as well leave your money in the post office!

2. Were the odds recommended and published in author/vendors results both

accurate and achievable?

3. Was the product or service easy to use or follow?

4. What did the reviewer think of customer service during the review?

There are many factors taken into account when arriving at our final rating for a product or service. Once the rating has been arrived at, the product or service will be either,


Passed and Approved

Passed and Highly Recommended

Only a product or service that achieves our highest possible rating of 5 out of 5 stars will actually be recommended, all others that are passed are approved.

Finally, it must be stressed that our assessment of any product or service is based SOLELY on its performance during our review period, and any rating awarded would not be amended at a later date without another full review being carried out first. This can often result in our being critisised for not reacting to poor results which a successfully reviewed product or service may experience.

However, we believe that our policy is the correct one. We all understand that every products and service will have good and bad spells, but we believe that if a product or service cannot make a profit in a 2/3 month period, or even longer in some case’s with our no bet days policy, it is unlikely that it ever would. Whilst if a product or service has demonstrated its ability to generate decent profits during the same period, we see no reason why it may not do so in the future, albeit that it will have the inevitable bad spells.

Good luck and best wishes,